Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kauai Sex

OMG I just had a super fun weekend on Kauai with Gavin. We didn't have as much sex as planned, but we had an amazing time and the sex we did have was fucking fabulous!

Friday night we arrived, ate dinner, and hit the hot tub. We were flirty as usual, but we'd had long days and by the time we got back to the hotel room for the night his son was supposed to be back in a few minutes. We all shared a hotel room this weekend...Gavin, myself, and his 13 year old son. He slept with his son though, because I didn't think it was appropriate for him to sleep with me (and I knew we would have full size beds and Jules is not a fan of sleeping with anyone on a full size bed...ever).

Saturday we lounged by the pool all day. I mean all freaking day. Happy Hour started before noon and it was just a laid back, super chill day. We went over to the track and watched a few races since we were there for Motor Cross and all and then hit up an amazing buffet for dinner at the hotel. I almost fell in love for real with Gavin when he opened a ton of crab legs and put them on my plate. (I kid about the love thing, but not the crab.) I've been eating and opening my own crab legs for more years than I want to own up to on here and no one (not even my own Daddy) has ever done that for me. I swear it is the little things...lol. After dinner, he took me by the hand and we walked through the hotel grounds talking. When we got back to the room, we were set to smoke some pot and in walked his kid. We smoked anyway, but the sex that was planned got put on hold!

I woke up around 3am Saturday night feeling hot. Gavin likes to sleep in hotels with the AC blasting but with the doors outside wide ass open. It's nice to feel the night time breeze, but I was needing the AC. He was awake as well, or maybe my stirring woke him, and he got up to adjust the room temp to my needs. Then he walked over to my bed with his hard cock waiting for me to take into my mouth. I started sucking him and the kid started moving around in the bed beside us. I quickly pulled off and rolled over. Gavin sat there for a minute and then walked around to the other side of the bed, so that he could have a visual on the kid if he woke up. I don't know what he would have done if he woke up, but at least he would have known ahead of time. I was sucking him and licking him and he was grabbing my tits and making me silently moan. I wanted him so badly, but it wasn't the time with the kid in the room. Plus, I realized just how loud the sounds of wet, sloppy head can be! He finished and came all over my tits, cleaned me up, and went back to sleep.

Sunday we were walking around the beach at lunch time in between his son's races. He thanked me for the amazing blow job the night before and said he was dying to pull me into the bathroom to fuck but was afraid of waking his son. I told him that was perfectly ok b/c I love blowing him, but I definitely wanted to find some way to fuck that day! Boy did he comply. We finished at the track around happy hour time (for real happy hour time) and went back for Mai Tais. I announced I wanted to shower before dinner and suggested he join me. He was having fun talking to his buddies, but he thankfully got my hint and followed me up.

We smoked a little and then he put me on the bed on my knees and pulled me to him. I came 4 or 5 times really hard and then he flipped me over on my back and licked my kitty and then fucked me some more. He pulled out to cum because I did address the need to not cum in me again for the next few weeks, though he seemed totally unphased by the accidental cumming in me the other night. We hit the shower and went out in Kapaa for sushi dinner while his son was attending a banquet dinner at the race track.

After dinner, we headed over to the track to see his son win his trophy. On the way in, we met the unofficial "mayor" of Kauai and smoked with him. I swear it's true what they say about Kauai...everyone smokes...everyone. We were tipsy, high, and horny. Sushi dinners always put us in the mood. I guess it could be the Uni along with Saki, but it always leads to sex. We walked around after the trophy ceremony along the track, listening to the band. Gavin jokingly looked at the track and said he wanted to fuck me on one of the jumps. I told him to take me right then and started walking over. He was hesitant, as he had been joking, but he saw I was serious and got in line.

We walked barefoot through the dirt along the track to the back. There were a series of whoops and a wooden shack on the track right there for the track officials to sit under. I sat in the plastic chair under the shack and he sat on a huge tire that was right outside. We talked and laughed and then he looked at me and told me to pull my panties to the slide and "touch my pretty pink pussy".  I complied and after a few minutes of watching me finger myself, he came over and got on his knees naked in front of me. He went down on me and then fucked the crap out of me again while I was leaning back in the chair holding onto the side of the shack. It was awesome!

After we came, we walked back to the crowd only to pass his son and friends sitting on the bleachers looking out at the track. I am praying they couldn't see anything! We were pretty far out and with the lights and such behind them, I'm not sure if they had a visual or not. He didn't mention it and I wasn't prodding Gavin to ask. We walked back to the hotel along the beach and hit the bar looking for food. There was no food to satisfy our munchies, but we drank a cocktail and ate some snack mix and bartender buffet. In the room, we were gearing up for round three when in walked his son again. LOL...cockblocker. We were both good from the 1st two rounds and I  promptly went and passed out on my bed from all the alcohol and weed. My liver was a trooper this weekend.

Today we got up and hung out by the pool. We took a helicopter tour over the island and neither he nor his son had been on one before. They were terrified, which is hilarious to me b/c they are both so hard core, but they ended up loving it. We flew back tonight and dropped off his son to his mother. Gavin came over, cooked the 2 of us dinner, ate,  and headed home. We were both wiped out.

I was afraid that he might wear on my nerves after a day or so of total togetherness, but he and his son spent some time at the track together and we all just had an awesome time. There was not a single moment where I was annoyed by him. His son is so cool too. Teen boys can go either way, but this one is a good kid. Vacation Gavin rocks!


  1. Glad you had a nice vacation! I've lived in Hawaii my whole life and have never been on a helicopter. I never really had a desire to, but it does seem like it'd be a lot of fun!

  2. It is awesome! I've done it on Kauai and the Big Island and totally recommend it. I don't know about doing it here on Oahu though, just seems like not as much cool stuff to see.