Thursday, September 15, 2011

Boyfriend Bliss

So finally McDreamy and I are together.  Bad news is that he doesn’t have gas money. Wait, maybe he doesn’t and that’s good news.  But the issue is he was having money troubles. GI bill issues and all that mess.   But Wednesday night I got here and we had amazing first time sex. Like rockets and fireworks sex.  Like meant to be sex. And yes I realize the ice queen has melted.

Everything has been magical. As dorky as that sounds it’s awesome.   McDreamy has been around Jules and Miranda and passed with flying colors. He handled Jules and Russell and the neighbor they’ve both slept with. He nursed me and Miranda up a crazy hike.   He’s the real deal. And he’s cute as hell.  And we’ve had a hell of a lot of sex.  Shower sex, bed sex, and way more. Including sex with his shoes on and me butt naked.  Sometimes, shorts are just too restrictive lol.

The good news it everything with him is as awesome and amazing as I imagined.  He and I really seem to be in synch.  For an ice queen,  it’s freaking amazing and I’m so happy to be in Hawaii with him and Jules.  Even in the fact that we relate via Joel Osteen.  Yeah, I went religious with him.  But not in a psycho crazy way.  Just in a universe wants certain things to happen in a specific way and I’m going to be part of that.
I’m still very much in a I can’t believe this is my life way and I can’t really believe that I live here in Hawaii..  I think maybe it will hit home once Miranda leaves and I see what it’s like to feel less like I’m on vacation and more like this is my life. 

I really feel like I’ve hit the karmic jackpot. I’ve got an awesome man, awesome friends, and a and an awesome life. What more could I ask for right now?

Much love,

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