Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aloha Times Three

We’re here! Yep the island of Oahu better be ready for Jules, Gwyn, and Miranda!  And in the last 48 hours all three of us have got laid.  Go girls!  After a very very long day of traveling, counting front butts in Detroit, pondering the weirdos in LA, and then a long awaited round of hugs at the Honolulu airport, the three of us were united again.  We promptly headed to Jules for wine therapy and to let Gwyn get ready to meet McDreamy.  She’s got a great story to tell about that so I won’t share any details except to say that he’s cute as can be, very polite, and Jules and I totally creeped and watched them meet for the first time from Jules’ car.  It was hilarious.

Now for Miranda’s tale of sex and debauchery! Well sex but not much debauchery yet.  Tuesday night the Ginger wanted to spend some time with me before my Hawaiian adventures. I still had some packing to do so he just grabbed us some dinner and came over to my place.  We ate and chilled for a little bit while I packed up a few miscellaneous things.

His patented PG touches were being used and he was rubbing my legs and we were sitting very close together.  We started watching the oh so romantic Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia – seriously watch it if you haven’t already.  I was laying draped on him, he was laying draped over on me.  Still no kiss. Ahhhh! I was texting Jules and Gwyn and they were dying laughing.

At some point I got up and I think got a drink. When I came back he was half lying on the couch so I sat down and leaned back against him.  He pushed my hair to the side and started kissing my neck.  I debated with myself – can I turn my head so he’s got facial access or is that breaking Gwyn’s edict that I not initiate the kiss.  Before I could come to a conclusion, he turned my face and kissed me! 

Cue romantic music.  Crowds cheered.  Waves crashed. Fireworks went off.  We kissed and kissed and kissed for a while and started to fool around a bit.  My couch is just not that big and the Ginger was sort of half crouched on the floor and the couch so he stood up and pulled me upright and we stood there kissing for a minute.  And devil be damned my bedroom is right off the living room so in we went. 

Now previously I’d been determined to be a good girl and not sleep with him till after Hawaii but it’s so hard to stick with that!  I did stop the action before things got too heated and told him that I didn’t want to sleep with him if he was sleeping with anyone else.  He said he was oddly flattered that I’d think he would be sleeping around and said he felt the same way. I told him I was by no means trying to rush things but that’s just where I stood right now.  And then we had sex!  Good first time sex that is! 

Afterwards, we lay there for a short while and then I really needed to get my ass to bed so I could catch a few hours of sleep before it was Hawaii time.  The Ginger kissed me a ton and told me to have fun in Hawaii and went on his way.  He’s been texting me quite a bit since then so I’m very interested to see how things proceed in the future. 

Last night while I filled in the girls on details they lambasted me for not using a condom.  I even had a damn condom in the nightstand next to me. But I didn’t go for it. Yep Miranda’s a dirty dirty whore and she likes it.  In the midst of them giving me a hard time I had to call BS and tell them both that sure I may have exposed myself to a potential STD but damn if both of them haven’t been having totally unprotected sex (or in Gwyn’s case is probably having it right now).  At least what could ail me could be cured with some penicillin. HA!  And honestly I figured it was a calculated risk with the Ginger.  All signs point to him not being a guy who sleeps around so I wasn’t overly worried.

Stay tuned for more details on our Hawaiian adventure!

PS - Also it was kind of dark in my room so I couldn’t end the debate about if the carpet matched the drapes.  I’ll be sure to report back though in the future. 

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