Saturday, September 17, 2011

Goodbye Blows

I have always sucked at saying goodbye, even when it just means see you later. I'm not a fan. Miranda left tonight and I've actually been in a funk for the past 2 days over it. I came home early yesterday and she was at the beach. Gavin was here sick and I was playing around on FB waiting for him to come to life and her to come home. In the process, I got extremely homesick. My brother and his wife are expecting a baby next month and my grandparents just celebrated their 60th anniversary last weekend and I missed their party. I'm having my period and I'm just feeling whiny.

Last night, I felt like numbing myself. I started with a lot of wine early on. Gavin cooked Miranda, Gwyn, McDreamy, Chloe, and myself a fabulous dinner and we sat on the porch drinking and smoking after. I started to feel myself passing out and kind of abruptly got up and went to lay on the bed. Gavin was in my room already and I apparently demanded that he play with my ass. This lead to him fucking my ass and apparently more demanding that he play with it afterwards. During this time, it seems I just passed out. I woke up at one point, brushed my teeth, took out my contacts, and passed back out on top of the covers. On a happy, funny note, he just brought over a full length mirror that we propped up beside my bed. That is sure to to lead to some enjoyment.

Owen sent me this funny video tonight from Durex condoms. I told him it was a well timed laugh and then he asked what was going on. I kind of unloaded my whining on him...bless his heart. As if he doesn't have his own shit going on...
I'm sure it will all pass in a day or two when I stop bleeding and I get used to Miranda not being here again. I will say that I'm psyched Gwyn has stayed, but I know that has made leaving 1,000,000 times harder for Miranda. I'm just counting down the days til Miranda can stay here too!

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  1. I love that Durex condom commercial too. It's so hilarious! So when are the girls making a trip back to Hawaii?