Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have recently been pondering the terminology associated with mistress, as in what is the male equivalent. I googled it today to discover it is master. Owen is my master...rofl. Well in many ways, I suppose this is true. I would definitely call him the DILF to my MILF, but master struck me as funny.

We spent 12 hours sexting yesterday. (I think we both may absolutely explode if we don't get to see each other soon. It's been 2 weeks!) It started with him sending me links to new sex toys and ended with me calling him and cumming for him on the phone late last night. I've posted the toy links below and found the timing hilarious with the link Miranda posted yesterday. Sex toys must be on the brain!

We almost had it worked out to meet after work yesterday, until I had to become the voice of reason. We live on an island. His wife and kids were surfing. He would have had to drive right past them with no good reason for being over here in order to come see me. If she had seen him, which was highly plausible, it would have created some questions. I don't want him in a position to answer questions. He doesn't strike me as someone who thinks fast on his feet.

So, the sexting resumed and I looked  into the toys he had sent earlier since when he sent them I was at work and decided I'd better not open the links. Yesterday, hot deals Hawaii had a offer for $50 worth of merchandise for $25 at Sensually Yours (our local sex shop). I kid you not...the sex toy gods were in line yesterday. I told him I'd bought it but because of the high costs of these items, we could only get one of them. He replied that he's getting a check for something within the next 2 weeks and he wants to give me a bunch of money of go "crazy sex toy shopping". His reasoning is that I'm the "BEST mistress EVER" and he needs to step it up and fund our play things. I'm thinking he's the BEST master EVER. When I go see the psychic, I've decided I no longer need to ask questions about this relationship. I'm going to be his mistress forever. ;)

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