Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh Boy

Just a quick Hawaii update...It's funny but when the three of us seem to get together we actually calm down lol. It's like we suddenly gain perspective on the role of men in our lives and find ourselves content with one another's company with little if any need for men. Have no fear though we are heading out to a local bar tomorrow night I believe. I'm sure this relatively debauchery free trip will switch things up then.

A couple of funny side notes to share.  I'm shocked I forgot to include this in my last post but the Ginger did one of the most humorous things ever right at the culmination of our sex.  In my array of bed buddies I've heard lots of things said during sex.  Swear words, professions of affection, moans and groans galore but the Ginger sprung a new one on me.  Right before he was about to cum, he uttered....Oh Boy.  Like 5-6 times in a row each one more excited and louder than the last.  Yes, he said Oh Boy.

It wouldn't be as funny if he was Mr Goody Two Shoes who didn't cuss but he swears like a sailor!  So the fact that such a G-rated expression came out of his mouth in the heat of the moment is hilarious.  It really caught me off guard and it took a whole lot of effort not to bust out laughing.  In my head in that moment I totally thought, "I can't wait to tell Jules and Gwyn about this!"  Is that weird I was thinking of them while the Ginger was literally in me?  Maybe but who cares.  It was hilarious!

So the Oh Boy phenomena has given us great laughter this whole vacation and I've shared it with Russell, McDreamy, the neighbor that Jules/Russel have both slept with, and even Gavin.  We've debated responses to it, how I can work it into every day conversation with the Ginger, etc.  And ever time we say it we all die laughing.  What a great story to have in my wheelhouse!  My group decision I've been charged with the task of sleeping with him again just to see if it comes back out.

The other funny thing is that I keep threatening to invoke "guest privileges" on Jules and force her to cuddle.  Y'all know she doesn't like to be touched when she sleeps lol.  With Gwyn spending most nights at McDreamy's I've been sleeping in her bed primarily so Jules has been cuddle free thus far.  One night I did sleep in her bed with her and it was hilarious.  Gwyn and I have shared a bed on many occasions and usually we wake up super close to one another like we're in the midst of a conversation or as Russell said, about to start kissing.  Really Russell???? Thanks for putting that in my head!  I digress, so the one night Jules and I shared a bed this week when I woke up I looked over my shoulder to see if she was awake.  We were each on our sides facing away from each other and both on the far sides of the bed.  HA! I swear you could have put a twin bed on the mattress between us.  It made me LOL!

Though after I spent last night in Russell's bed (I so sound like a bed whore) I understand Jules' not wanting to be touched tendencies.  Russell is the freaking hottest man alive - temperature wise I mean.  I got in bed with him (Gavin was in bed with Jules you) and snuggled up next to him ready for a big gay cuddle and I swear I would have thought I was laying against a furnace.  I felt my body temperature go up about 10 degrees and had to quickly determine that no way could I lay there all night.  I found myself assuming the Jules position and scooting way over to the edge of the bed to stay as far away from the heat as possible.  Probably the first time ever I've tried to keep myself away from a guy in my bed!


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  1. I had to laugh when I read the "Oh Boy" part. Gosh, how did you keep from laughing?? As for cuddling, that's a huge reason I don't like to do it. It's way too hot and humid here and the body heat from another person makes it worst!