Friday, September 30, 2011

OMG SEX (The Really, Really Good Kind)

I'm sorry I bailed on HNT today. I had plans to make my body into a sundae for Owen's pleasure, but since the universe thwarted us yesterday, we had to meet today and I didn't want to stop on the way home to meet him to get supplies...so, ya'll get nothing from Jules this week...sorry. I'll probably do it at some point because the idea of him licking whip cream, cherries, and chocolate sauce off of my tits and stomach makes me dripping wet and when I do, I'll post a pic.

We met up today at my house (finally) and he sexted with me all the way here from town. OMG, I was ready for him and he walked in and dropped his shorts and his hard cock indicated he was quite ready as well. He came over and rubbed my tits and watched me play with myself and then pushed his cock into me along with the glass toy I was using and told me to keep fucking myself with it. He pulled my legs over his shoulders and pounded me. (Miranda had our current FB status as her real status today, but I couldn't resist putting it on our site because it made me think of Owen sex.) He moved down into total missionary and grinded against me for a while too. That felt really great and then he asked me if I wanted a mouthful of his cum b/c he wanted to fuck my tits. I assured him that I did. He rubbed against me and told me to open my mouth for him. I looked up at him as he came all in my mouth and then I sucked it off and swallowed every last drop. He laid down and I climbed onto him and he guided his cock into my ass. I came hard several times and then he told me that he wanted to pin me down like he knows I love. I flipped off of him and rolled over onto my stomach with my glass toy back inside me. He started fucking me super hard and normally he doesn't announce when he's cumming, but today he said with almost surprise "I'm going to cum again!". I told him to fill my ass with it and as he did I felt a huge orgasm building. He came hard again and I begged him to keep going. I came soooooo hard immediately following. It was one of the strongest orgasms I've ever had with him without squirting...super intense. He finally pulled out and bent down and kissed the side of my ass before he got up.

We hopped into the shower because we both needed to go pick up our kids and made out in the shower for a few minutes. I love, love, love the way he kisses me. LOL, I totally forgot a hilarious story from the weekend. Russell, Gavin, Gwyn, McDreamy, and I were eating dinner the other night. Someone brought up kissing and Russell snickered something about me. I thought at first he was referencing what I said about him the other day, but one look at him and he was referencing the Gavin situation! One day last year our old neighbor, who was insanely jealous of my affair with Gavin, came over with delight to tell Russell and I a very nasty story about Gavin and his gf. Gavin told the neighbor that one of the things he liked most about me was how clean I am. It seems his gf went through a period where she was less than clean. He went down on her one time and apparently she had not done a good job wiping her ass and not only that had left some tp there. Now, why in the world would you share that with anyone in life baffles me but he did and now we all know. Other than a few times at swinger's parties in the moment, I refuse to kiss him. So when Gavin chimed in with "Yeah, Jules really doesn't like kissing, do you Jules?" I almost choked on my wine. I love kissing, just not him. He's a great kisser, but that's something you can't just easily block out of your mind. On the other hand, I could make out with Owen all day long.

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