Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nasty Dirty Quickie

OMG I've been climbing the walls for sex. I just had the period that would NOT end...tmi, I know. It was finally over today, but it's been a very long, seriously packed day. My horoscope this morning read that today would be a very productive day, but to save energy for the festivities tonight. Um, ok.

The day started at 5:30am. I woke up to a call from Russell. He had gone out last night and I assumed he was stranded with some car issue...wrong. He was in the ER with a kidney stone, which is like his 5th one. It's become an annual event. I told him to call me and let me know later if they were releasing him and then he proceeded to text me for the next hour until it was time for me to get up anyway. I had horrible insomnia the night before, so I actually hadn't gone to sleep until 1am. Yes, 4.5 hours of sleep. It does not suit me.

I called Gavin at 7:30am following Russell's call that they were releasing him to see if he would ride with me an hour away to the hospital where I needed to pick up Russell and his car. He said he would but in his sleep haze asked me to come get him, not realizing how out of the way this was for me. Of course, I didn't mind since he was doing me such a huge favor at a ridiculous hour. We drove over there and came home and got Russell settled. We went to breakfast on the way back to his house at a local place and ran into none other than my most favorite musician eating breakfast with his kid.

I told Gavin on the way out that I have a huge crush on this guy and if the guy didn't have 3 kids, I'm pretty sure he would be my 2nd husband. Gavin found this funny, but I could tell was jealous too. "Let's Get It On" was playing when we got into the car and he told me that I could fuck him and watch this guy's video and pretend it was him if I wanted...lmao. I told him to be quiet, that I needed a moment. I dropped him off and he told me that he would come back tonight and make us dinner if we wanted...we wanted.

He made an awesome dinner for Gwyn and I because Russell was too hungry and out of it to wait and then sit up and eat with us. After dinner, I walked in and told him I wanted to fuck after everyone settled down. He said he would wait. The house must have sensed my need b/c everyone went into their respective rooms and watched TV. We closed my door and I sucked him until he got hard. He asked if it was a pussy or ass night, meaning was I still bleeding or not. I told him it was all clear and that it was safe to cum in me again. He promptly got onto his knees in front of me and fucked me with my legs spread wide (I clipped my nails so that I can play with my clit while he does me again, safely.), and with my legs closed like I love it up in front of us. He came all in me and stood back to watch it drip down and then he told me to take my fingers and lick it up. Fuck, that's hot. I love when he commands me to do things like that. I did and he loved it.

He asked me afterwards if that was ok...if it was too fast. It was fast since we hadn't had sex in a few days, but perfect since everyone was still awake and I really didn't want to draw attention to the fact that we were fucking. Gwyn knows b/c she reads this, but Russell would like to remain oblivious. I came, he came...all good.

I was sexting with Owen today and telling him about the new mirror addition to my bedroom. He can't wait to cum over and test that visual out, but sadly he's working a stupid side job all week and it will be at the least the weekend or maybe next week before we can see each other again. That's good timing though, because I think Gavin's gf returns next week and when she's around it takes both of them to meet my sexual needs.

In an interesting twist, the Hungarian has resurfaced and asked me out for next week. I'm going to his house after class one night next week for dinner. I really liked him, I just thought he moved way too fast. On a weird note though, I feel odd about seeing him. It's not that I won't tell Gavin about it, but we sort of have this agreement right now. We are both allowing the other one more...meaning I get Owen and he gets his gf as a freebie. I'll post more on that later and my thoughts on this whole thing. I've been with him for a year and half now and I realized last night I've been with Owen for almost 3 years. That is insane for someone like me with huge commitment issues and the attention span of a gnat.


  1. It is insane. You've effectively been monogamous with the two of them for years now. That's pretty funny.

    And for the record, not even in my drunken mind did I neglect to note the fact that he brought you a full length mirror and I knew just what you dirty birds were doing in there that night!

    Keep it on top of the sheets lady! HA!


  2. "he told me that I could fuck him and watch this guy's video and pretend it was him if I wanted" - Aw. Such sacrifice. :)

  3. So is the musician, Jack Johnson?