Thursday, September 15, 2011

Girls Night Out

So as promised, Gwyn, Jules, and I went out Tuesday night and it was a blast.  Funny though because one of us has a boyfriend, one of us has two sort of boyfriends, and one of us is a free agent (oh boy aside).  Regardless, we got gussied up and forced our old lady selves to go out.

First bar we went to, we picked up a bartender, too bad it was a girl, with more tattoos than Miranda and Gwyn added together.  After we kvetched about divorce, we determined that no suitable men were available and we headed to another bar.  I should note that the original bar was the very one where Karoke Boy IDd Jules and Miranda and filled in a lot of drunken missing details a year ago.

So we headed to the second bar.  Upon walking in there was an awful lot of bad karaoke.  An awful lot that Miranda unfortunately knew.  At some point in the night a random dude approached and provided Jules and Miranda with shots of an indeterminate nature but ones that quite possibly included roofies.  Gwyn queried the providing gentleman with the question of where was her shot and he quickly provided her with his.  Great laughter insued.

After more shots it was determined that we should leave said bar and retired to Jules’ amazing porch and suddenly nice girl Miranda started making friend.  Gwyn tried to auction off Jules and Miranda and Miranda managed to score us and three other guys shots. Washington Apples to be exact.  After the shots and more beers we decided it was best to leave especially after “Pat” decided to hit on Gwyn and hearing that she had a boyfriend was to ask if Jules and Miranda were “bad girls”.  Which we are but we don’t readily admit it.  Whatever lol. Friendly girl Miranda also made friends with a bouncer who looked cute after many beers/glasses of wine/shots.  We all know how beer goggles work so let's be glad Miranda was only making friends.  Through talking to him Gwyn pointed out that his "title" on his shirt was protection specialist.  WTF?

So we eventually make our way out of the back of the bar and as we get in Jules’ car, we get cornered by a freaky dude who hit on us earlier and a random old dude.  After a few minutes Miranda took the bull by the horns and asked our “protection dude” to make the guy leave.  He did, much laughter ensued, and we wrapped up the night on the porch.

Holy hell it’s 3:05 am and we’re going to bed. Told you it was going to be an epic night.


PS  - Added the next day after we wrote this - I forced Jules to cuddle just to make her uncomfortable. Then she told me she wasn't wearing any underwear.  I revoked my guest privileges and scooted to the other side of the bed lol. 

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