Sunday, September 25, 2011

Much Improvement

I woke up at 7am to Gavin calling and asking if he could come over for coffee...thank god it meant fucking. I'm still totally jonesing for Owen, but he's the next best thing. He came over and crawled into bed with me. Chloe and Russell were both gone and Gwyn has pretty much moved in with McDreamy, so we had the house to ourselves.

I was totally sleepy and not into full on acrobatic sex. I was laying on my stomach and he crawled on top of me and gave me some really awesome sex. I love getting it in my favorite position and he was feeling extra frisky, so it was great sex. Afterwards, he moved back into mindfucking though. We were laying in bed talking and he asked me if I was stoked he was there or what? I asked what he meant and he said he wanted to know if I was happy he was there or if I had moved back into just FWB thinking. I told him I was on the fence. I can't remember exactly what he said but you could tell he was responding based on what my reply had been. Gwyn pointed out the other day that he's good for that. I decided to call him on it. I asked if he was happy to be here and he assured me that he was. Mindfucker...lol.

We moved to the couch and I was watching Sex and The City. He saw Samantha and noted how much like her I am. I laughed and pulled a face and said, "Yeah, except I've been fucking the same people for eons now". It seems that was the wrong response...I didn't think it would hurt his feelings, but then I had to spend like 15 minutes backpedaling and saying that I didn't really mean it as a bad thing. Ooops.

It seems the gf left this morning to go back to CA, hence why he was up so early. Part of me loves that he came here and fucked me right after dropping her off at the airport and part of me really thinks he's a tool for it. At any rate, he's coming back tonight and making me crab legs so I'm pretty freaking happy about that part and just going back with the flow of the universe.

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