Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yoga Sex

I’m in full on vacation mode with Miranda and Gwyn being here, but yesterday morning Owen asked me if I could meet him and I agreed to right after school drop off. He texted me that morning to tell me that his van was full of stuff and ask what options we had for places to go. Since Miranda was at my house, I suggested the beach at our usual spot. He quickly replied he was driving there right away and had towels with him.
I usually get there before him because he likes to walk up on me. Yesterday, he got there first and I met him. He wasn’t laid out like I normally am waiting for him, but instead greeted me with a kiss and stood there holding and kissing me right past the dunes. I could feel him getting hard while pressing against me and he eventually took his shorts off and moved my bathing suit bottom over to touch me. I started stroking him with my hand while kissing him and then he flipped me around and pulled my suit down and fucked me standing up. He’s a foot taller than I am, but he bent his legs and somehow made it work! After a little while, I moved into my favorite yoga pose (downward dog) and he continued to give it to me super hard. That man is a machine! Finally he took me to my knees and then flat into my favorite position. Of course he finished in my ass, although I was afraid at one point while we were fucking that he was going to cum in my kitty. This would not be the time for him to start that!! I was glad he held out.
When we were finished, we went down to the water to dip and rinse off. The waves were pretty big up here yesterday and he took my hand and held onto me while we let the water run over us. I ended up with a boat load of sand in my suit though. It stayed with me all day, until I finally took a long shower after spending the day on other beaches with Miranda!!

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