Saturday, June 30, 2012

Annual Summer Neighbor Sex

It seems last night was the annual hookup with the neighbor that seems to happen every June/July. This is what I woke up to this morning out in my living room. It seems like this was a good year.


Friday, June 29, 2012

Hawaii Time

This time tomorrow I will be fast on my way to see my girls Gwyn and Jules! I just got to see Jules a few weeks ago but it still feels like I haven't spent any real time with her in ages.  And I feel like Gwyn is in another universe and I can't actually believe I'll finally get to see her tomorrow! You cannot imagine how weird it is to see someone almost every day of your life and then suddenly you don't see them for 10 months!  AHHHHH!  I cannot wait to see them and show my kids and mom the total awesomeness of Hawaii!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Growing Pains

Life is clearly way too busy for me not to find time to post.  Things with The Christian have been up and down a bit.  He’s a person of strong convictions and at times when we talk he’s very adamant that his way of thinking is right. After 50,000 hours of conversation he’ll see the light and either change his opinion or he’ll finally let it go and agree to disagree.  I’ve rarely been with a man who was such a thinker/talker.  As much as I love our ability to conversate sometimes I want to tell him to shut up lol.  I think his tendency to obsessively talk about some things is linked to his OCD-ness. 

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been through some big drama with my boss (her drama not mine) but she’s come out the other side quite well. And most interesting is that the connection between Kansas and she had grown by leaps and bounds.  He’s practically living with her, they sleep in the same bed every night, but they’ve only kissed so far.  As weird as it sounds it actually makes sense for both of them because they have huge fear of commitment.  It is quite odd though to be sure.

This weekend we had dinner with my boss and Kansas.  It was actually really fun and it felt weirdly grown up in a strange way.  We still have some big differences in how we approach life that we’ll have to address over time but I do really like him and I see a lot of potential there. 

The Christian and I have been spending a lot of time together.  After being a single girl for so long it can be a challenge to feel like I don’t have much alone time.  I’m learning as I go to speak clearly about my  needs and I feel like I’ve been the most honest, most authentic version of myself with him that I’ve been in any relationship before. 

I haven’t heard a peep from Coach which is good.  I’ve heard stories of him being out on the town drunk as can be with his new (trashy) girlfriend.  It sure took me long enough but I’m damn glad to be rid of him.

I’m finding my head in a weird place today for some reason. I’m starting to feel “grown” lol. I don’t know why or where that’s coming from.  A week or so ago The Christian asked me when I started to feel grown up and I laughed and told him I didn’t really feel that way yet.  Apparently that answer has set some wheels in motion and got my subconscious aging ha-ha.  Let’s just hope it stops at mid 30s (oh lord I’m in my mid 30s) and doesn’t take a straight nose dive to the Golden Girls.


PS – Only four days till I’m in Hawaii with the girls! I can’t wait for to see them! It has been WAY too long!

Monday, June 25, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Summer Lovin

Good Ol’ Summertime

TMI Tuesday questions submitted by Andee.
1. Summer is a time to escape, kick back and chill. What is your favourite way to relax when the warm weather hits?
Go to the beach and I'm lucky enough to live in a place where it's always summer. -Jules
Now that I'm in Hawaii, like Jules said, it's always summer. I find time every day to escape, kick back and chill - and let me tell you it does wonders for my mental health! Before moving here I used to try and take at least one trip to the beach every summer, usually to Charleston or Myrtle Beach. -Gwyn
The beach if Hawaii is not possible but my general weekend plan is to hit the pool as much as possible until I'm tan as a Puerto Rician. - Miranda
2. Have you ever been to a drive-in movie theatre? My first date was to a drive-in movie, what is your best memory of these classic outdoor theaters?
I'm old, but damn...no never been to a drive in. - Jules
Nope, never been. -Gwyn
My family used to go all the time!  We'd put the patio furniture in the back of the pick up truck and the kids would sit in the back while my parents sat in the front.  I miss doing that! - Miranda
3. Have you ever had a summer fling? How did it develop and why did it end?
My life is a summer fling. I've had countless ones...lol. If you are curious about any the past few years, read the blog. - Jules
I've never had a summer fling :( -Gwyn
I've had flings with boys at the beach on vacation. Short term summer romances. Why do you think they develop? It's hot, people are outside wearing skimpy clothes, badabing badaboom. - Miranda
4. Board shorts and bikinis leave something to the imagination, but have you ever tried a nude beach?
Of course I have! We have one on the North Shore that I've been to twice. I opted to leave my bottoms on though b/c it was full of old men. In Bora Bora on our honeymoon, I went topless there too. If I didn't have a mommy tummy I'd be more inclined to be totally nude. -Jules
I have visited but not participated. And by visited I mean accidentally stumbling on to a gay nude beach in Maui that included a nude surfer and a couple of guys playing naked frisbee. -Gwyn
I dropped a friend off at a gay nude beach - Jules remember that during Senior week at the beach? But I've never been on one myself. I'd be interested in experiencing it but I'd be wayyyyy self conscious.  My parents actually were nudists for a while lol - Miranda
5. What are your thoughts on the Speedo and the Wicked Weasel?

Speedo, Wicked Weasel bikini and mesh one-piece.
Ick! I hate a man in Speedos. That was part of what made that online dating thing earlier this week so funny. Russell delights in pointing them out to me on the beach b/c he knows it sketches me out. Again, it's almost always old furry men wearing them too. And ladies, I usually have my child on the beach...put on some damn clothes or go to the aforementioned nude beach...seriously. I'm not a prude in the least but I am Southern and some things just aren't appropriate. If you wouldn't want your mama to see you in it, you shouldn't wear it out of the house. - Jules
Amen Jules! I'm waiting for some company to come up with a baby thong bikini to go ahead and turn even the tiniest of girls into a sex object. -Gwyn
Speedos make me giggle and unless you're an Olympic Swimmer, there's no man who looks good in one.  I have never heard or seen (thank god) of the wicked weasel but that ladies's nipples are frightening me.  Seriously. What's the freaking point.  I'm pretty sure she's going to get a yeast infection wearing that thing. - Miranda
6. The warm weather is a great opportunity to “get busy” outdoors? Have you ever? Tell us about it.
Yes I have! Again, read the blog...Owen and I like to fuck at this one beach. I love, love, love it. Talk about communing with nature! Russsell and I had sex once out in the woods and Gavin and I fucked in the pineapple fields once. - Jules
Wow, something I've actually done! Most recently, McDreamy and I got it on at the top of a hiking trail behind his apartment. It was pretty amazing I must say. And it gave me a boost of energy that made the hike back down much easier! -Gwyn
Oh yeah. I've done it in a pool, in a hot tub, laying in a field on a playground (at night), I actually conceived Ladybug the one time Duckie and I ever had sex outside, and The Christian and I have enjoyed the night sky several times. I'd actually  like to try it in full daylight. It seems like there'd be something very erotic about the hot sun on your bare skin.  The sunburn would suck though! - Miranda
7. Sunrise or sunset? Which is your summer favourite?
Sunset is my most favorite time of the day. I love it. Sunrise?? Lol, I only see that if I'm still up from the night before. - Jules
I've seen plenty of both but I think I like sunset the best. It's such a peaceful way to end the day, just sitting on the beach listening to the waves and watching the sun disappear. I used to go a few times a week when I lived with Jules in order to pacify the road rage I built up on my drive home from town. -Gwyn
Sunset.  It is the perfect way to end the day. - Miranda
8. What is the one summer delight that really quenches your thirst? How about your lust?
Wine. I actually love a cold beer on the beach too, but wine is my favorite beverage. What quenches my lust? A good ole orgasm...duh. - Jules
I'm not really a big drinker but I enjoy a margarita or a mai tai now and then. I love a good cold beer but as soon as it gets hot (which takes about 3 seconds in Hawaii) I don't like it anymore, so I can never quite catch a good buzz with beer here. Of course Jules reignited my love of wine but I usually make it through about 1 glass, 2 if I'm lucky, before I'm passed out! What quenches my lust - why sex of course! -Gwyn
Nothing better than an ice cold beer out by the water.  The Christian quenches my lust. He also makes me want to strangle him sometimes but more often he satisfies me greatly. - Miranda
Bonus:  Summer is the time to participate in outdoor activities. Where would you most like to have sex :
– on the beach?
– at a picnic?
– camping?

I've done the beach and camping. The one time I went camping it was with Gavin on the beach and we fucked like bunnies most of the night. I've never has sex at a picnic...mostly b/c I don't really go to them. -Jules
On the beach! The only picnics I've ever been to are either for a kid's birthday or a family get together of some sort, so not exactly a sexy time. Camping? I don't get camping. Bugs, sleeping on the ground, weird food, germs, bears...no thank you. -Gwyn
I've never done any of the three.  As much as I love the idea of sex on the beach the fear of sand in my hooch worries me.  I'm very intrigued by sex while camping. I've been trying to get someone to go camping for years and no one wants to go. Snuggling by the fire before crawling into a sleeping bag with The Christian holds great appeal.  - Miranda
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Online Dating Funny

This one was too good not to share! I was literally just standing in my kitchen laughing out loud to myself over it. I have an online profile with OK Cupid. I decided to try them after POF turned out to be a fat bunch of losers...seems OK Cupid is too, but I can't close my account b/c then I would miss these gems.

Today at work I received the following message. It read "you have an intriguing profile, a beautiful picture and amazing feet...". I have one picture on my profile on that site and it's a picture of me sitting on the floor. Yes, I am barefoot but in no way are they a prominent part of this picture. Of course my job blocks this site, so I had to wait until I got home tonight to see who had emailed me this crazy message. Although I did laugh with the girls over it at the time. I am very anti foot fetish. I had a guy suck my toes once during sex and it was the weirdest, grossest thing ever. Ok, maybe not ever but it was disgusting. 

So, tonight I come home and log on and see that this guy is actually from Milan. I triple love Italian men, so I thought I'd click on his profile pictures. I have no intentions of starting a chat with someone that far away, but I thought it would be fun to check out his pics despite the fact that I already thought he was a total weirdo. It was worth it, but not for the reason one might think. His profile pic is him in a cowboy hat and a Speedo standing against some harbor in Europe. Oh and in this picture, he has on white flip flops...swear to god. He claims to be straight btw. The next pic is of him grooming his eyebrows in a tux, followed by three more pics of him in a Speedo on the beach one of which he is spread eagle in, a car shot (glad to see that idiotic pose is global...who fucking takes pics of themselves in their car??), and lastly my personal fave....a pic of his feet. Epic. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Birthdays!

You say it’s your birthday

(Birthday TMI questions suggested by Heelsnstocking)

This TMI is perfect since Miranda's birthday was yesterday! Happy Birthday, Miranda!!! 

1. What star sign are you?
Aries (couldn't you guess?) - Jules
Libra -Gwyn
Gemini - Miranda
2. Do you believe in horoscopes?
To an extent, yes. I think people are definitely more compatible when they are born under certain signs. The very 1st day I met Gavin, he had the Secret Language of Birthdays book on his kitchen table. I walked in and as we talked, I flipped through it and told him immediately upon hearing he was a Capricorn that we'd never work out...lol. - Jules
Totally. I think the planets and the stars and how they are aligned definitely affects us. Ever since I moved to HI I've become an avid stargazer and I love trying to find all the zodiac signs in the sky! I'm also a huge nerd lol. -Gwyn
I agree with both of the girls. I think people born under certain signs demonstrate certain traits and some mix well and some don't.  - Miranda
3. When is your birthday?
April 8th - Jules
October 5 -Gwyn
June 18 - what what! - Miranda
4. What’s the worst birthday gift a partner has given you?
Worst? Hmmm, I don't know. Russell was always an excellent gift giver. I don't remember any bad ones and Owen always gives me exactly what I want! - Jules
I don't remember really getting any bad gifts from boyfriends. Wait, does no gift count as a bad gift...-Gwyn
I got a lot of weird random gifts from Duckie. He tried but the worst was when he gave me tickets to a Pink Floyd tribute band - and this was after 10 years of telling him I hated Pink Floyd.  Needless to say the night did not go well. - Miranda
5. Are you organized when it comes to other people’s birthdays?
In my other life, yes I was but since moving to Hawaii not at all. I threw together a very last minute party for Chloe this year b/c it snuck up on me...haha. - Jules
Not at all. I've never been good at that sort of thing. I used to be better about picking out gifts but living in HI its been more of a challenge - it takes a lot of planning and knowledge of where the heck everything is in order to find what you need on this island. Not to mention the fact that it's hard for me to do anything here besides go to the beach :) -Gwyn
I'm aware of people's birthdays but I think birthdays are over-rated.  Unless you're doing something special like planning a big night out for that person, I think the day to day stuff you do for them is more important than giving them a gift you buy once a year. - Miranda
6. How do you normally celebrate your birthday?
A yummy dinner, lots of wine, beach time, and for the last few years sex with Owen. - Jules
I've done all sorts of things. Lots of my birthdays over the past 10 years have been spent drunk at a club or bar, a couple of years ago I got super stoned and went to the zoo (which I highly suggest), when I was 12 I had a karaoke party (which I also highly suggest) but for most of my younger years my birthday was spent on a soccer field. I'd have to say my favorite birthday so far was my 30th - I think Miranda can second that for me.... -Gwyn
That night was awesome Gwyn!  I usually am pretty low key.  Cake with the family, maybe dinner.  Though I did have a great first single girl birthday a couple years ago. "Whoo! It's my birthday" and the lap dances I kept giving Gwyn said a lot. - Miranda
7. If you could be one age again what would it be? Why?
I don't know. I kinda love where I am right now, but for the games sake I guess 21 b/c the whole world was before me and I could finally legally drink and bartend. - Jules
I would like to be 30 forever but with my 21 year old metabolism.  -Gwyn
35 was a good, albeit sometimes painful year, but it was an important one for me. That being said, in my mind I'm never more than 26.  - Miranda
8. What would be your ideal birthday treat?
Duh, sex and cake. Oooooh next year, I want both at the same time! LMAO - Jules
Omg I could never answer that, there are too many possibilities! For my birthday this year I would be happy just to spend an entire day at the beach. -Gwyn
An entire day on the beach sounds awesome to me too Gwyn and not just because I'll be in Hawaii with you girls in just 10 days! - Miranda
Bonus:  Tell us your best birthday memory?
Being in Peru for my birthday was pretty amazing as was the death of my 20s party in Amsterdam when I turned 30!! I was high as a kite the whole week, legally! I also loved my 32nd birthday b/c it was the day after I first arrived in Hawaii for a week vacation and to find us housing! I was mesmerized! - Jules
My birthday this year was pretty awesome (shout out to Jules lol) even though I didn't do anything entirely special. Let's face it - everything is better in Hawaii. -Gwyn 
This year was actually my best birthday memory I think.  The Christian planned a secret get-away for us. We spent 48 hours in our own company and I had to plan not one single thing. It was glorious. I'll post more details later.  But suffice it to say - riding a motorcycle for hours, laying on a beach, fabulous wine, and having sex six times in less than 24 hours - pretty much summed it up as perfect. - Miranda
Bonus, Bonus:  May we see you in your birthday suit? (post a photo)
Hahaha, no way...the girls would die. - Jules 
No way no how. -Gwyn 
I'll pass. Man how we've pruded up since the days of HNT lol! - Miranda
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Two Steps Forward

So here we are again with a whole week going past since I last posted. I’m seriously slacking. That or just too busy actually living instead of being wrapped up in my head lol. A lot has happened so here’s the cliff’s notes version.

I had an amazing weekend with The Christian.   Friday night I took a big leap of faith and went and had dinner with him and his sons.  I was nervous walking in to it.  It’s a big step but one that I wanted to take and one that felt oddly natural so early on.

Dinner went great.  His boys were funny, polite, charming kids and after he bundled them off to bed, we had another great night of talking and growing closer and closer. I seriously don’t think I talked to Duckie this much in our entire 12 years of being together.  On my way home from his house I went through my second license check of the week! WTF?  I really think my dad is messing with me from the great beyond.

Saturday The Christian had his boys spend the night with his parents and he came to my town.  We rode all over on his motorcycle, then went to a movie and over to my boss’s house so she could meet him.  Oddly enough Kansas has been over there a lot doing “man work” for her. I’ve been telling her I thought he was interested in her and she’s in total denial. I’m so sure he has the hots for her.  I digress…

That night after gallivanting around town we ended up snuggling on my couch and sharing music back and forth off our Ipods.  It was very peaceful and domestic until we got through that second glass of wine.  Then it was wild and amazing.  Seriously amazing sex.  I feel oddly like I don’t want to share the details.  But I will say it was hot, aggressive, and toe curling.

Sunday I again took another big step and went with him to church. Thankfully I didn’t burst into immediate flames nor did the church goers stone me to death.  The Christian’s church is definitely more old fashioned than anywhere I’ve liked but it was interesting.  I spent a great deal of the time looking around analyzing everyone’s clothing lol.

After church we had lunch with his boys and his parents! Yipes! Never do I feel more like a 16 year old then when I’m meeting someone’s parents for the first time. But it went really well. His dad was great and we chatted like old friends. His mom was in total grandma mode with her grandkids but she was very sweet as well.  

Afterwards we took his kids for a walk around a lake near my house and then they went back to his parents’ house to spend the night because they are already out of school for the summer.  The Christian and I had another amazing night talking, sitting under the stars in his backyard, and then super intense sex. 

Monday morning I strolled into work looking like the cat who ate the canary.  He left with his boys and parents to go to the beach on Tuesday so we have just been talking on the phone and texting since then.  
Today The Christian asked me if I could take half a day off work next Friday so he can surprise me with an overnight trip to the beach for my birthday.  I mean seriously he seems too good to be true.  I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop or some red flag to pop up.  But hell I guess having a witch for an ex-wife is enough baggage for any one person lol.

Things are going quite swimmingly for The Christian and I.  I think my faith in men has finally been restored.   


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Think Kink

1. What’s the kinkiest thing about you, either mentally or physically? 
Hmmm, I don't know. I guess it's the dichotomy that exists between my love of being submissive in bed and my total Type A personality outside of sex. I triple love that full feeling of DP, but is that really kinky?? I love being tied up too! - Jules
Like Jules I really love being submissive in bed but I'm not as much of a control freak (and I use that term lovingly) in regular life.  I guess I like sex really agressive more often than sweet and tender.  - Miranda
I would not describe myself as kinky in any way. I think most girls prefer 'aggressive' sex so I don't think that makes me kinky. And you all know how I feel about toys, or should I say what I don't feel about toys? -Gwyn
2. Do you have any fetishes? If so, what are they? 
I know you guys thought this was weird, but when Clark used to tie up my tits and "milk" them was fucking hot. I love having my tits sucked and Owen has finally caught onto how exactly to do it like I love. He almost made me cum last week doing it. I also really like giving blow jobs. I used to love just sucking Gavin. It was almost a comforting feeling. Feel free to analyze these things...haha. - Jules

I love to have my hands pinned above my head or just man-handling in general. I'm not sure that's a fetish but the more controlling in bed the guy is and the more submissive I can push myself to be the hotter it all seems. - Miranda
Sorry to disappoint yet again, but I also have no fetishes. I mean maybe there's a kinky fetish vixen inside me waiting to be unleashed or maybe I'm just an average girl :) -Gwyn
3. Have you ever been spanked? Did you enjoy it? Tell us more… 
Yes!! I LOVE it. Owen is reluctant to do it b/c he's always afraid of hurting me, but I wish he would. I had a two night stand with this guy once that spanked me so hard I had bruises! It felt amazing at the time, but I didn't love the marks after. - Jules
Finally a question I can answer 'yes' to. Don't all guys at least try to spank a girl during sex? Honestly I can't remember a guy I've been with who didn't do that. If I think about it too much it'll make me laugh but as long as I stay in the moment I enjoy it. -Gwyn

Outside of a stray smack on the ass the only time I have been spanked was with Coach and I really liked it. I have a strong feeling The Christian will be spanking me at some point soon and I'm going to love every second of it. - Miranda
4. Have you been tied up, or tied someone else up? Did you use rope or  restraints? 
Yes!! Owen has recently done it after I bought light restraints. He seemed to love it, so we'll be that again as soon as he gets home this summer! I've actually been tied up by a few people and used various methods to tying. I have never tied anyone else up b/c I like being the submissive one! - Jules
Yes I let my high school boyfriend tie me up once and vice versa. Coach and I also did it from time to time and I actually purchased wrist restraints we used to enjoy.  It's very hot to physically give up the control that's required by being tied up.  I much prefer being tied up to tying someone else up! - Mirana
You can always count on Gwyn to say no. I don't know if it's my inclination to find many things hilariously ridiculous or if I'm just a prude but I have no interest in tying a guy up or in being tied up. I'm lucky if I can watch more than 5 minutes of porn without breaking into hysterics. -Gwyn

5. Would you classify yourself as more dominantsubmissive, a switch or entirely vanilla
Submissive (only in bed!) - Jules
Vanilla. I don't like to be the one in charge but I'm also not into being 'submissive' in the traditional sense of the word as it relates to sex. -Gwyn
6. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? 

Submissive definitely. - Miranda

Swinger's parties? Letting Gavin pee on me in the shower? Having my ass licked? Fucking Owen and then sucking him off after he's been inside me everywhere (it was clean though!). I don't know...pick one. -Jules
HA! I feel so virginal compared to Jules.  My guess would be either letting Coach DP me with my vibrator or the couple of times we got really freaky and I stuck my vibrator in his ass hahahaha. - Miranda
OMG I just threw up in my mouth a little. Then I laughed. -Gwyn
7. Have you been to a BDSM club? What was it like? If not, would you ever go to one? 
No, those scare me. - Jules
No but I'd be interested in going to watch only for a wild night  - Miranda
I'm guessing since I don't even know what that acronym stands for that I haven't been to one. -Gwyn
8. What’s your favourite fetish item or implement? 
Fetish item....well I guess it would be the ropes I currently have. I love a lot of my toys too. I just bought this amazing glass toy that Owen loves in my ass while he's fucking me. - Jules
I guess the paintbrush paddle I bought for Coach to use on me.  We only used it a couple times.  I'd like to experiment with that more. - Miranda
N/A. -Gwyn
9. Favourite kinky clothing material? 
I only have 2...a stringy black tube dress (I use the word dress loosely) and a sexy school girl outfit. - Jules
Don't really have anything that is kinky.  The lingerie I have leans more to the sensual and romantic that wild and free. - Miranda
N/A. -Gwyn
10. Thigh boots – love ‘em or hate ‘em? 
Hate 'em - I can't wear boots. I have thick legs, even when I'm super skinny that prevent the wearing of boots. - Jules
Love em!  I had a pair that laced down the back.  They were super expensive and I ended up returning them because I just couldn't justify the expense.  I took a bunch of pics in them though first! - Miranda
I would love them if I was working as a hooker or go go dancer. Otherwise, I can't think of a time where I've been getting dressed to go out and thought "You know what would really complete this outift? A pair of thigh high hooker boots that's what!" -Gwyn
11. If you’re kinky, who knows about it? Do you tell people or is it a closely guarded secret?
Well since we have this blog, I'm guessing a shit ton of people know. In real life, just my bffs and my partners. - Jules
Same as Jules.  The Christian and I have had some frank talks about sex so he knows the limits of what I've explored. - Miranda
Hi my name is Gwyn and I'm the opposite of kinky. -Gwyn

12. What are your personal limits? 
Scat and water sports - Jules
I don't know really.  Definitely no scat or water sports lol.  Except for Coach, I haven't had a tremendous amount of time to explore my limits.  I'm thinking The Christian will be more than happy to help me figure it out though :) - Miranda
I'm not sure but I'd say they fall somewhere between role play and poop play. -Gwyn

13. What’s your safeword and why did you choose that one? 
Cacao would be if I ever needed one! Portlandia anyone? That episode made me laugh so hard I almost peed. -Jules
HA! When I joke about having one I always say it's pineapple.  No idea why! - Miranda
If you ever hear me talking about needing a safe word then please check me in to the nearest mental asylum because clearly I've been possessed. -Gwyn
14. Which fetishes do you just really not get?
Scat, water sports, and I'm sure there are others that I'm missing. -Jules
Same as Jules and some of the really kinky BDSM stuff.  Bubbke or however you spell that too - Miranda
What about the one where people dress up as huge furry animals? Furries? I'm not sure what it's called but I remember seeing an MTV True Life episode about it and wondering what happened to these people as children that made them want to have sex with stuffed animals. -Gwyn
Bonus:  Complete this sentence:  To me, Fetish, Kink and BDSM means…
FUN within some limits. Although I think the very notion of it all is to expand your horizons and let go of some limits. (I'm firmly keeping the 2 that I have though!) - Jules
100% agree with Jules! Plus they mean having someone you really trust to explore those areas with. - Miranda
Childhood trauma. I mean that in the least offensive and most supportive way possible lol. -Gwyn

Monday, June 4, 2012

Final Fling Before a Summer Drought

Owen has been texting me for days trying to figure out a time when we could meet up. He's feeling the pressure of 6 weeks of no hot sex with me bearing down on him it seems. Friday night we had some super hot sexting and he asked me what Saturday looked like for me. I was unable to get away and told him that we were having a birthday party for Chloe. Saturday night, he texts me and asks me to come over after everyone went to sleep and we would play out in his yard...um hell no. I mean I am dreading a 6 week Owen drought just as much as he is, but I'm not about to drive to his house and fuck him outside while his family is inside. Good Lord....clearly he had lost his mind. I told him I had a house full of people because Chloe's party was still going on and that I'd have to take a rain check on that offer (as in like a never going to happen check).

He texted me again this morning to tell me that he could get out around lunch time if I was free. As it happened, I could work that out!!! I sent Chloe and Russell to meet Gwyn for some snorkeling and he pulled in minutes after they pulled out. He came in and I was just laying on my bed waiting for him. I promptly took him into my mouth and got him rock hard and then he stood me up and put me against the wall and fucked the holy hell out of me. When he was finished with that position, he pulled me over to the bed and placed me on the edge of it with my legs up and gave it to me some more. He did this new thing where he pushed his body up higher onto me and put his cock in super deep and gently moved. It produced some really intense sex and many orgasms!! Finally he couldn't take it anymore and put his huge cock into my tight ass and fucked me until we both came. He pulled out and came all over my kitty and watched me rub it in and lick it off my fingers. We had our normal shower afterplay and made out and discussed how long 6 weeks is and how much it's going to suck, but I pointed out it will make the homecoming all the better!

We are going to try for the morning, but it's a long shot. I'm leaving satisfied either way, but if we can work it out you know I'll hop onto him one more time before we go! I leave for NC tomorrow to take Chloe home for the summer and he leaves for CA on Wednesday for the 6 weeks. So after our lunchtime affair, the family and I go to a friend's hula performance tonight in our very small town square and who is there but Owen and his family because his daughter is performing. I'd figured out yesterday that we would be there at the same time and had given him a heads up...seems he doesn't mind one bit...I find it slightly awkward, but he kept glancing over and smiling sweetly at me, like he hadn't been pounding the crap out of me a few hours earlier. Meanwhile, Russell is snapping pics like crazy of his kid performing...I started to tell him, but decided against it.