Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Growing Pains

Life is clearly way too busy for me not to find time to post.  Things with The Christian have been up and down a bit.  He’s a person of strong convictions and at times when we talk he’s very adamant that his way of thinking is right. After 50,000 hours of conversation he’ll see the light and either change his opinion or he’ll finally let it go and agree to disagree.  I’ve rarely been with a man who was such a thinker/talker.  As much as I love our ability to conversate sometimes I want to tell him to shut up lol.  I think his tendency to obsessively talk about some things is linked to his OCD-ness. 

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been through some big drama with my boss (her drama not mine) but she’s come out the other side quite well. And most interesting is that the connection between Kansas and she had grown by leaps and bounds.  He’s practically living with her, they sleep in the same bed every night, but they’ve only kissed so far.  As weird as it sounds it actually makes sense for both of them because they have huge fear of commitment.  It is quite odd though to be sure.

This weekend we had dinner with my boss and Kansas.  It was actually really fun and it felt weirdly grown up in a strange way.  We still have some big differences in how we approach life that we’ll have to address over time but I do really like him and I see a lot of potential there. 

The Christian and I have been spending a lot of time together.  After being a single girl for so long it can be a challenge to feel like I don’t have much alone time.  I’m learning as I go to speak clearly about my  needs and I feel like I’ve been the most honest, most authentic version of myself with him that I’ve been in any relationship before. 

I haven’t heard a peep from Coach which is good.  I’ve heard stories of him being out on the town drunk as can be with his new (trashy) girlfriend.  It sure took me long enough but I’m damn glad to be rid of him.

I’m finding my head in a weird place today for some reason. I’m starting to feel “grown” lol. I don’t know why or where that’s coming from.  A week or so ago The Christian asked me when I started to feel grown up and I laughed and told him I didn’t really feel that way yet.  Apparently that answer has set some wheels in motion and got my subconscious aging ha-ha.  Let’s just hope it stops at mid 30s (oh lord I’m in my mid 30s) and doesn’t take a straight nose dive to the Golden Girls.


PS – Only four days till I’m in Hawaii with the girls! I can’t wait for to see them! It has been WAY too long!

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