Thursday, June 21, 2012

Online Dating Funny

This one was too good not to share! I was literally just standing in my kitchen laughing out loud to myself over it. I have an online profile with OK Cupid. I decided to try them after POF turned out to be a fat bunch of losers...seems OK Cupid is too, but I can't close my account b/c then I would miss these gems.

Today at work I received the following message. It read "you have an intriguing profile, a beautiful picture and amazing feet...". I have one picture on my profile on that site and it's a picture of me sitting on the floor. Yes, I am barefoot but in no way are they a prominent part of this picture. Of course my job blocks this site, so I had to wait until I got home tonight to see who had emailed me this crazy message. Although I did laugh with the girls over it at the time. I am very anti foot fetish. I had a guy suck my toes once during sex and it was the weirdest, grossest thing ever. Ok, maybe not ever but it was disgusting. 

So, tonight I come home and log on and see that this guy is actually from Milan. I triple love Italian men, so I thought I'd click on his profile pictures. I have no intentions of starting a chat with someone that far away, but I thought it would be fun to check out his pics despite the fact that I already thought he was a total weirdo. It was worth it, but not for the reason one might think. His profile pic is him in a cowboy hat and a Speedo standing against some harbor in Europe. Oh and in this picture, he has on white flip flops...swear to god. He claims to be straight btw. The next pic is of him grooming his eyebrows in a tux, followed by three more pics of him in a Speedo on the beach one of which he is spread eagle in, a car shot (glad to see that idiotic pose is global...who fucking takes pics of themselves in their car??), and lastly my personal fave....a pic of his feet. Epic. 

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