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TMI Tuesday - Birthdays!

You say it’s your birthday

(Birthday TMI questions suggested by Heelsnstocking)

This TMI is perfect since Miranda's birthday was yesterday! Happy Birthday, Miranda!!! 

1. What star sign are you?
Aries (couldn't you guess?) - Jules
Libra -Gwyn
Gemini - Miranda
2. Do you believe in horoscopes?
To an extent, yes. I think people are definitely more compatible when they are born under certain signs. The very 1st day I met Gavin, he had the Secret Language of Birthdays book on his kitchen table. I walked in and as we talked, I flipped through it and told him immediately upon hearing he was a Capricorn that we'd never work out...lol. - Jules
Totally. I think the planets and the stars and how they are aligned definitely affects us. Ever since I moved to HI I've become an avid stargazer and I love trying to find all the zodiac signs in the sky! I'm also a huge nerd lol. -Gwyn
I agree with both of the girls. I think people born under certain signs demonstrate certain traits and some mix well and some don't.  - Miranda
3. When is your birthday?
April 8th - Jules
October 5 -Gwyn
June 18 - what what! - Miranda
4. What’s the worst birthday gift a partner has given you?
Worst? Hmmm, I don't know. Russell was always an excellent gift giver. I don't remember any bad ones and Owen always gives me exactly what I want! - Jules
I don't remember really getting any bad gifts from boyfriends. Wait, does no gift count as a bad gift...-Gwyn
I got a lot of weird random gifts from Duckie. He tried but the worst was when he gave me tickets to a Pink Floyd tribute band - and this was after 10 years of telling him I hated Pink Floyd.  Needless to say the night did not go well. - Miranda
5. Are you organized when it comes to other people’s birthdays?
In my other life, yes I was but since moving to Hawaii not at all. I threw together a very last minute party for Chloe this year b/c it snuck up on me...haha. - Jules
Not at all. I've never been good at that sort of thing. I used to be better about picking out gifts but living in HI its been more of a challenge - it takes a lot of planning and knowledge of where the heck everything is in order to find what you need on this island. Not to mention the fact that it's hard for me to do anything here besides go to the beach :) -Gwyn
I'm aware of people's birthdays but I think birthdays are over-rated.  Unless you're doing something special like planning a big night out for that person, I think the day to day stuff you do for them is more important than giving them a gift you buy once a year. - Miranda
6. How do you normally celebrate your birthday?
A yummy dinner, lots of wine, beach time, and for the last few years sex with Owen. - Jules
I've done all sorts of things. Lots of my birthdays over the past 10 years have been spent drunk at a club or bar, a couple of years ago I got super stoned and went to the zoo (which I highly suggest), when I was 12 I had a karaoke party (which I also highly suggest) but for most of my younger years my birthday was spent on a soccer field. I'd have to say my favorite birthday so far was my 30th - I think Miranda can second that for me.... -Gwyn
That night was awesome Gwyn!  I usually am pretty low key.  Cake with the family, maybe dinner.  Though I did have a great first single girl birthday a couple years ago. "Whoo! It's my birthday" and the lap dances I kept giving Gwyn said a lot. - Miranda
7. If you could be one age again what would it be? Why?
I don't know. I kinda love where I am right now, but for the games sake I guess 21 b/c the whole world was before me and I could finally legally drink and bartend. - Jules
I would like to be 30 forever but with my 21 year old metabolism.  -Gwyn
35 was a good, albeit sometimes painful year, but it was an important one for me. That being said, in my mind I'm never more than 26.  - Miranda
8. What would be your ideal birthday treat?
Duh, sex and cake. Oooooh next year, I want both at the same time! LMAO - Jules
Omg I could never answer that, there are too many possibilities! For my birthday this year I would be happy just to spend an entire day at the beach. -Gwyn
An entire day on the beach sounds awesome to me too Gwyn and not just because I'll be in Hawaii with you girls in just 10 days! - Miranda
Bonus:  Tell us your best birthday memory?
Being in Peru for my birthday was pretty amazing as was the death of my 20s party in Amsterdam when I turned 30!! I was high as a kite the whole week, legally! I also loved my 32nd birthday b/c it was the day after I first arrived in Hawaii for a week vacation and to find us housing! I was mesmerized! - Jules
My birthday this year was pretty awesome (shout out to Jules lol) even though I didn't do anything entirely special. Let's face it - everything is better in Hawaii. -Gwyn 
This year was actually my best birthday memory I think.  The Christian planned a secret get-away for us. We spent 48 hours in our own company and I had to plan not one single thing. It was glorious. I'll post more details later.  But suffice it to say - riding a motorcycle for hours, laying on a beach, fabulous wine, and having sex six times in less than 24 hours - pretty much summed it up as perfect. - Miranda
Bonus, Bonus:  May we see you in your birthday suit? (post a photo)
Hahaha, no way...the girls would die. - Jules 
No way no how. -Gwyn 
I'll pass. Man how we've pruded up since the days of HNT lol! - Miranda
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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