Monday, June 25, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Summer Lovin

Good Ol’ Summertime

TMI Tuesday questions submitted by Andee.
1. Summer is a time to escape, kick back and chill. What is your favourite way to relax when the warm weather hits?
Go to the beach and I'm lucky enough to live in a place where it's always summer. -Jules
Now that I'm in Hawaii, like Jules said, it's always summer. I find time every day to escape, kick back and chill - and let me tell you it does wonders for my mental health! Before moving here I used to try and take at least one trip to the beach every summer, usually to Charleston or Myrtle Beach. -Gwyn
The beach if Hawaii is not possible but my general weekend plan is to hit the pool as much as possible until I'm tan as a Puerto Rician. - Miranda
2. Have you ever been to a drive-in movie theatre? My first date was to a drive-in movie, what is your best memory of these classic outdoor theaters?
I'm old, but damn...no never been to a drive in. - Jules
Nope, never been. -Gwyn
My family used to go all the time!  We'd put the patio furniture in the back of the pick up truck and the kids would sit in the back while my parents sat in the front.  I miss doing that! - Miranda
3. Have you ever had a summer fling? How did it develop and why did it end?
My life is a summer fling. I've had countless ones...lol. If you are curious about any the past few years, read the blog. - Jules
I've never had a summer fling :( -Gwyn
I've had flings with boys at the beach on vacation. Short term summer romances. Why do you think they develop? It's hot, people are outside wearing skimpy clothes, badabing badaboom. - Miranda
4. Board shorts and bikinis leave something to the imagination, but have you ever tried a nude beach?
Of course I have! We have one on the North Shore that I've been to twice. I opted to leave my bottoms on though b/c it was full of old men. In Bora Bora on our honeymoon, I went topless there too. If I didn't have a mommy tummy I'd be more inclined to be totally nude. -Jules
I have visited but not participated. And by visited I mean accidentally stumbling on to a gay nude beach in Maui that included a nude surfer and a couple of guys playing naked frisbee. -Gwyn
I dropped a friend off at a gay nude beach - Jules remember that during Senior week at the beach? But I've never been on one myself. I'd be interested in experiencing it but I'd be wayyyyy self conscious.  My parents actually were nudists for a while lol - Miranda
5. What are your thoughts on the Speedo and the Wicked Weasel?

Speedo, Wicked Weasel bikini and mesh one-piece.
Ick! I hate a man in Speedos. That was part of what made that online dating thing earlier this week so funny. Russell delights in pointing them out to me on the beach b/c he knows it sketches me out. Again, it's almost always old furry men wearing them too. And ladies, I usually have my child on the beach...put on some damn clothes or go to the aforementioned nude beach...seriously. I'm not a prude in the least but I am Southern and some things just aren't appropriate. If you wouldn't want your mama to see you in it, you shouldn't wear it out of the house. - Jules
Amen Jules! I'm waiting for some company to come up with a baby thong bikini to go ahead and turn even the tiniest of girls into a sex object. -Gwyn
Speedos make me giggle and unless you're an Olympic Swimmer, there's no man who looks good in one.  I have never heard or seen (thank god) of the wicked weasel but that ladies's nipples are frightening me.  Seriously. What's the freaking point.  I'm pretty sure she's going to get a yeast infection wearing that thing. - Miranda
6. The warm weather is a great opportunity to “get busy” outdoors? Have you ever? Tell us about it.
Yes I have! Again, read the blog...Owen and I like to fuck at this one beach. I love, love, love it. Talk about communing with nature! Russsell and I had sex once out in the woods and Gavin and I fucked in the pineapple fields once. - Jules
Wow, something I've actually done! Most recently, McDreamy and I got it on at the top of a hiking trail behind his apartment. It was pretty amazing I must say. And it gave me a boost of energy that made the hike back down much easier! -Gwyn
Oh yeah. I've done it in a pool, in a hot tub, laying in a field on a playground (at night), I actually conceived Ladybug the one time Duckie and I ever had sex outside, and The Christian and I have enjoyed the night sky several times. I'd actually  like to try it in full daylight. It seems like there'd be something very erotic about the hot sun on your bare skin.  The sunburn would suck though! - Miranda
7. Sunrise or sunset? Which is your summer favourite?
Sunset is my most favorite time of the day. I love it. Sunrise?? Lol, I only see that if I'm still up from the night before. - Jules
I've seen plenty of both but I think I like sunset the best. It's such a peaceful way to end the day, just sitting on the beach listening to the waves and watching the sun disappear. I used to go a few times a week when I lived with Jules in order to pacify the road rage I built up on my drive home from town. -Gwyn
Sunset.  It is the perfect way to end the day. - Miranda
8. What is the one summer delight that really quenches your thirst? How about your lust?
Wine. I actually love a cold beer on the beach too, but wine is my favorite beverage. What quenches my lust? A good ole orgasm...duh. - Jules
I'm not really a big drinker but I enjoy a margarita or a mai tai now and then. I love a good cold beer but as soon as it gets hot (which takes about 3 seconds in Hawaii) I don't like it anymore, so I can never quite catch a good buzz with beer here. Of course Jules reignited my love of wine but I usually make it through about 1 glass, 2 if I'm lucky, before I'm passed out! What quenches my lust - why sex of course! -Gwyn
Nothing better than an ice cold beer out by the water.  The Christian quenches my lust. He also makes me want to strangle him sometimes but more often he satisfies me greatly. - Miranda
Bonus:  Summer is the time to participate in outdoor activities. Where would you most like to have sex :
– on the beach?
– at a picnic?
– camping?

I've done the beach and camping. The one time I went camping it was with Gavin on the beach and we fucked like bunnies most of the night. I've never has sex at a picnic...mostly b/c I don't really go to them. -Jules
On the beach! The only picnics I've ever been to are either for a kid's birthday or a family get together of some sort, so not exactly a sexy time. Camping? I don't get camping. Bugs, sleeping on the ground, weird food, germs, bears...no thank you. -Gwyn
I've never done any of the three.  As much as I love the idea of sex on the beach the fear of sand in my hooch worries me.  I'm very intrigued by sex while camping. I've been trying to get someone to go camping for years and no one wants to go. Snuggling by the fire before crawling into a sleeping bag with The Christian holds great appeal.  - Miranda
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  1. This was a fun TMI Tuesday. Loved all the answers. I was curious to see who else might agree with my opinion on the Speedo. ;-) Happy Tuesday!

  2. Coming by from TMI Tuesday and new reader... I said the same thing about sex on the beach.. sand and vagina are 2 words that do not belong together. I mean I like it rough but not sandpaper rough..