Monday, November 14, 2016


Every once in a while fairytales, albeit sometimes long twisting ones, come true. Miranda and Peabody tied the knot. Thank you for the therapy and laughs. Farewell friends.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Out with the Old, In with the New

This is always a popular theme this time of year, but I have taken it by the balls and made it my mantra for 2016! Things with The Captain were going great until he pushed me to finally file my divorce with the Fisherman. I filed last week and he got really squirrelly and said he thought we should put our relationship on hold until it was finalized. Um, what? I did what you asked and now because things might be a little rough (and by that I mean I may have to appear before a judge instead of an uncontested divorce, but whatever), you run? The fuck? No thanks...no need to hold because I'm out. The Captain was an ex-Navy seal. They aren't supposed to be pussies, what happened? By the way, I'd like to add he really manned up and did this via text too. I have zero respect for him now.
So out with the old, except for Owen. Owen is like a warm fuzzy blanket you wrap up in and get fucked into oblivion.
I promptly texted him and took him out of holding and apologized for our break. He came over for lunch today and made me forget I even knew The Captain. Damn I missed him and his giant, magical cock. Life is good. The universe is back in order.
I also promptly went back online to check out cute, available men because even though I don't need to get over The Captain, the best way is always to get under a new man. I have a date with a super hot bodybuilder tomorrow night! He is freaking handsome and built. I swoon. The Captain was sweet and a very nice guy until the end, but he never made my heart race. He was great in bed, but not much to look at outside. This guy is totally something to look at from his pics. Stay tuned...Jules is back in play!