Monday, June 4, 2012

Final Fling Before a Summer Drought

Owen has been texting me for days trying to figure out a time when we could meet up. He's feeling the pressure of 6 weeks of no hot sex with me bearing down on him it seems. Friday night we had some super hot sexting and he asked me what Saturday looked like for me. I was unable to get away and told him that we were having a birthday party for Chloe. Saturday night, he texts me and asks me to come over after everyone went to sleep and we would play out in his yard...um hell no. I mean I am dreading a 6 week Owen drought just as much as he is, but I'm not about to drive to his house and fuck him outside while his family is inside. Good Lord....clearly he had lost his mind. I told him I had a house full of people because Chloe's party was still going on and that I'd have to take a rain check on that offer (as in like a never going to happen check).

He texted me again this morning to tell me that he could get out around lunch time if I was free. As it happened, I could work that out!!! I sent Chloe and Russell to meet Gwyn for some snorkeling and he pulled in minutes after they pulled out. He came in and I was just laying on my bed waiting for him. I promptly took him into my mouth and got him rock hard and then he stood me up and put me against the wall and fucked the holy hell out of me. When he was finished with that position, he pulled me over to the bed and placed me on the edge of it with my legs up and gave it to me some more. He did this new thing where he pushed his body up higher onto me and put his cock in super deep and gently moved. It produced some really intense sex and many orgasms!! Finally he couldn't take it anymore and put his huge cock into my tight ass and fucked me until we both came. He pulled out and came all over my kitty and watched me rub it in and lick it off my fingers. We had our normal shower afterplay and made out and discussed how long 6 weeks is and how much it's going to suck, but I pointed out it will make the homecoming all the better!

We are going to try for the morning, but it's a long shot. I'm leaving satisfied either way, but if we can work it out you know I'll hop onto him one more time before we go! I leave for NC tomorrow to take Chloe home for the summer and he leaves for CA on Wednesday for the 6 weeks. So after our lunchtime affair, the family and I go to a friend's hula performance tonight in our very small town square and who is there but Owen and his family because his daughter is performing. I'd figured out yesterday that we would be there at the same time and had given him a heads up...seems he doesn't mind one bit...I find it slightly awkward, but he kept glancing over and smiling sweetly at me, like he hadn't been pounding the crap out of me a few hours earlier. Meanwhile, Russell is snapping pics like crazy of his kid performing...I started to tell him, but decided against it.

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