Friday, September 2, 2011

I Just Want Your Extra Time And Your....

I think perhaps the siege has ended.  Coach has still pretty regularly been texting or IMing me.  He sent me an email earlier this week telling me about his first therapy appointment and that he’s having back surgery sometime this month.  It made me pissed off for two reasons lol.

1 – Everything the “therapist” (if he’s really going to one that is) told him, was the same stuff I told him about his issues.  And it pissed me off that suddenly he “understands” what I’d been telling him for months.

2 – He’s so dumb/crazy/living in a fantasy world that he thinks he can have back surgery up in DC, stay the night in the hospital, and then get in a car and be driven back to NC to stay for the next two weeks.  Then he’ll fly back up for his follow up appointments.  STUPID!  And what’s wrong with his family/friends that no one tells him that makes no sense? 

UGH!  I’m so over it.  I didn’t respond sympathetically to the email and after lunch that day he texted me asking why I was being mean to him and if I wanted him to stop contacting me.  I told him if he wanted me to react in any manner other than annoyed/angry/unsympathetic then yes, he should stop contacting me.

Wednesday he sent me a long email about how much he loved me and that he knew he’d ruined the best thing in his life.  How if I could just give him a chance I’d never feel hurt or disrespected again.  I replied that I needed him to leave me alone and move on.  That every time he contacted me it made my anger flare up and I didn’t want to be that angry person.  Then I unfriended him on Facebook.  Go Miranda! 

I haven’t heard from him since.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that’s the end of it though he is back in town this weekend and our track record there is certainly not the best.

Elsewhere in Miranda land, the Giant Ginger continues to delight me greatly.  Our schedules timing wise are not the best right now so we haven’t seen much of each other since Monday.  Wednesday he was going to come over after work but then his son wanted to stay the night with him.  Damn cock blocking kids!  I joke!  Yesterday right before I left work we’d been texting and he asked me to stop by his office (we work about two miles apart is all) and I complied.  We just chatted for a few minutes and there were hugs galore.  A hug when I came in, a long hug when I started to leave, then another hug when I actually left.  Alas no kiss.  And it’s making me crazy! 

I have good lips!  They need to be kissed!  They’re dying to be kissed!  I really really want a kiss before I go to Hawaii!  I feel like a teenager again!  And there’s a weird part of me that wants to hurry up and be kissed so Coach is no longer the last person I kissed. 

But despite it making me crazy, I kind of like it.  I’ve said before I love the anticipation of things leading up to that first kiss and I feel like the fact that the Ginger is taking time to get to know me, and putting a lot of effort into talking to me every day says something big about his intentions and how he’s feeling.  From everything, I know about him so far, I get the feeling that he’s one of those guys who doesn’t necessarily seem to be a “romantic” but really is.  I can see him saying he’s waiting for the right moment for that kiss.  That he doesn’t want it to be wasted or hurried.  It’s both incredibly sweet and agitating.  But it’s given me great energy to burn off at the gym LOL.We're tentatively scheduled to do something tomorrow during the day. So maybe I'll get a kiss before the weekend's over.

McKing is still floating around.  We’ve talked off and on this week and I actually gently called him on his weird MIA-ness when he has his daughter.  He didn’t really have anything to say about that other than that she takes up a lot of his focus.  I still like him though he’s falling in the ranks with the Ginger’s attentiveness.  I’m starting to wonder if I’m his “good on paper” person.  You know the one who seems to have everything you’re looking for but there’s just something missing.  I mean I felt like we had good chemistry when we’ve been together but maybe we’re missing some key ingredient that neither of us can quite put our finger on yet. 

Either way, I’m endeavoring to do my best to leave it all up to the universe as Jules says.  But a fact to note, while McKing has not secured any specific time for us to spend together, the Ginger was looking at his calendar yesterday afternoon and noting dates around my Hawaii trip that we both were available – both before I leave and after I return.  Just some food for thought…


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