Monday, June 7, 2010

He's Baaaaaack

Just a quick note.  Yesterday when I picked up the kids from Duckie timing was on my side and I saw Sawyer was home from his little cruise.  We did the friendly neighbor wave and then when chatted for just a moment.

He said the cruise was “about what I expected” whatever the hell that means and that he’d fill me in on the details ASAP.  Being his first day back at work today, he’s been swamped and not able to tell me much thus far.  I’m dying to know how it was, I’ll admit that much.

It’s annoying but I’ll also admit that the magnetic pull that man has over me is ridiculous.  It’s like I pick up an internal vibration when I’m near him.  Like I can feel the electricity in the air between us.  Since several months before the whole affair with him started, I could/can feel it when he’s looking at me.  Every time I have ever looked in his direction he’s been staring at me.  This sounds so dumb but for example yesterday I was sitting on the porch at Duckie’s house waiting on the kids to be ready to go and I saw his cars were at home.  I was looking down at my phone and I felt that pull, that connection.  I looked up and there he was standing in his driveway not making a sound looking at me.  Stupid and cheesy I know it but it’s true!  



  1. Miranda-- saw this and thought of you (and my soul mate). Really hit home.



  2. Oh girl run away, that animal magnetism is also known as CONTROL! LOL

  3. Intense. It's not crazy though, I know that feeling: there's this girl I dated years ago that I've known since junior high. Sometimes my phone will start vibrating, and I just know it's her before looking down at it (and we only talk every few years). Once, when Lena was pregnant, we were in this Lamaze class... I didn't even know this girl was pregnant, but as we were listening to this teacher I just got this overwhelming feeling she was coming, and a minute later she walked into the room; I hadn't seen or spoken to her in maybe two years at that point.