Monday, June 28, 2010

I Think Hell Froze Over Last Night

Well, I've witnessed something I thought I would never, ever see in life...Gavin has a conscience. I woke up mad as hell about this today and processed it some with Miranda, but as the day has worn on I've come to realize that not everything in the universe has to do with me. For a very self centered person, such as myself, this was a hard realization mind you.
Last night, Gavin called me around 6:30 and asked if I wanted to eat dinner with him (by that he meant bring some take out over for us, which he did pay for his portion of). I said "Yes" (of course) and went to his new place where he was working. That man is going to be working on that place for eons. I told Miranda today that it was like stepping into a Third World country going into that house. The floors are subflooring, the walls are a hot mess, the kitchen is the most horrible thing I've ever been in and the bathroom...well, I'll just stop...oh and infested with termites (which fly here btw). Let's just say I was underwhelmed by the new locale. I sat on furniture I knew he had just moved from his old place, although really my only other choice would have been the floor and we hung out for a while. We smoked some and I drank an entire bottle of wine and then he tells me that he's feeling guilty about having sex with me and doesn't want to continue right now. We went back and forth for a while and I told him to stop calling me then...he's the one that has initiated all of our recent contact...really all of our contact ever. I rarely call a guy first...I wait for them to come to me. I ended up getting kind of snippy with him and left. Apparently, he felt really bad when his gf called him the night before and he thought she'd cheated on him and he doesn't want to do the same to her...a little late in the game I say, but whatever.
Had I blogged this when I woke up, it would have been a much different blog, but since I sat on it today...here's the rest of it. I called him tonight just to apologize for being an ass about what he was saying last night. He said I was fine, but I know I was bitchy. I told him that I respected what he was saying and that I didn't want to be apart of a bunch of drama, because I don't and his gf is high drama. I've decided that it's time to simplify the drama in my own life. I blogged earlier this week that I'm finished having sex with men that are attached and I really mean it this time. I'm putting some bad Karma out into the universe by doing that and quite honestly I need all the good return I can get right now. Anyway, it turns out he hurt his back working today, so I did take him some pills...but I walked in gave them to him and left. I'm keeping that particular door open b/c he has some connections that I may want to utilize at a future date...no need to shoot myself in the foot.
Russell left today for a work trip to the mainland. He's gone til Friday!! We actually had a very civil weekend though. I even took him to the airport today, which is something I haven't done in years. It's an inconvenience that I don't enjoy, so I just quit doing it and I knew how much he liked it...again, I'm trying to put some better stuff out into the universe right now. It's time.

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  1. I'm with ya on the no men with attachments thing girl. Well except for Flyboy and he's getting divorced LOL. Glad things seem peaceful at the moment with Russell and not just because I'll be there in two days!