Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Jules is headed to NC in 2 days! Hot Damn! I have not been home in a year and a half and while I love Hawaii, I'm missing some NC folks a lot. I cannot wait to see my girls, my family, and my other friends. It's going to be awesome and as usual, way too short. I do get to go back in October though when my brother and his wife have their baby girl! They found out today it's a girl. :)

Ok, so back to the Gavin saga from last night. I woke up this morning and took Chloe to our local water park. I did not take my phone in for several reasons, one of which was I wanted to spend the day with her without answering calls and checking texts. (I'm way too attached on my phone and I need to do a lot more of this.) Anyway, while I was there Gavin called about 6,000 times and left about 3,000 messages saying he hoped I was over being mad, apologized multiple times, said he really wanted to see me before I left, etc. He leaves for Maui tomorrow for work (which totally ruined my not having to pay to park at the airport thing) and then he comes back for a few days before leaving for NJ until the end of the month. Today was pretty much the last day for us to hang out since he leaves at 5am tomorrow.

I called him back after the water park and told him I had sobered up and I was less pissed. He said he kind of liked seeing that side of me and thought it was hot (read I think he liked knowing that I do have some feelings for him b/c clearly I was way tipsy last night and let my guard down some). I don't know that I've ever told a guy to fuck off before and have him like it, but alrighty then. He had called to see if I wanted to hang out in town with him today and I told him that after I got home, Russell and I were taking Chloe to dinner. Basically, I was telling him that if he wanted to see me he needed to come over around 8pm when we got home and she was heading to bed.

Most of the time, you don't have to tell this man something twice with regards to sex. He showed up right around 8am and very patiently waited for me to put her to bed. I'd actually given her an extra 30 minutes at dinner since she got a new DSi game. The minute I walked back from her room to mine though, he was on my bed waiting for me. He asked me for an extra long blow job, so he could remember how it feels. LMAO, really? It was totally fine though because we all know I love sucking him. We had some really great 'I'm not going to see you for a month' sex and he left to pick up his son for their early morning flight.

At the door, he said "We are going to talk while we're gone, right?".  I like that we're getting ready to have some space, but I also like that we're leaving on speaking terms versus last year when we had a huge fight before he left and we didn't talk for about 6 weeks. So Jules is signing off for a few...I'll still do TMI and HNT, but there will be no more sex stories until I come back to Owen's waiting cock around the middle of June!


  1. Hahaha, I'm glad the jackass didn't think you'd have time for him :-P

    In all seriousness, I hope you have a great time over on the East Coast. Going to miss catching up on your exploits, but maybe Miranda and Gwyn will keep us all updated on the trouble you're getting into :-)

  2. Touche, Ethan...touche. ;) - Jules