Thursday, June 23, 2011

Caught Red Handed

Last night was my 3rd date with Brooklyn. I invited him over for dinner and drinks. We ate and sat and talked on the porch while drinking for a long time...and then I started sneezing, so I made the mistake of taking an allergy pill (important part of the story).  By the way, he's a biter and I've already had to put a stop to that.

We came inside after a while and it was determined that Russell was going out after work, so I thought we had a while to play around. We fucked a couple of times and then apparently we passed out on each other. The allergy pill knocked my ass out along with a bottle of wine and I woke up at 12:30am with him jumping off of me and Russell slamming the door and announcing his presence....ooops. Russell had texted that he was on the way about 15 minutes earlier, but I slept through the text. Brooklyn ran into the bathroom and started dressing and I went out and apologized to Russell, who just smirked at me.

Russell ended up being ok with it. He knew it was an accident, but he didn't really appreciate walking into me naked on the bed with a naked man and the aforementioned naked man parked in his parking space in the driveway. I apologized again this morning and we're totally cool. We actually just left our maiden Costco shopping voyage together. (We did join after our walk through a few weeks ago!) Brooklyn has called and texted a few times to make sure things were cool too. I've assured him that they are. The shiny attraction of his newness is starting to wear off though. I suspect I lose interest soon. He's cute, but overall just not really my "type".

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