Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Second Date

Last night, I had my second date with Brooklyn. It was one of the best second dates ever. He picked me up at my house and handed me a bag with 3 boxes of condoms to "replenish my stash". He took me to the State Fair and we rode a bunch of rides, ate yummy food, and played a ton of games. I totally kicked his butt at one game and we won a bunch of stuffed animals. (Since I'm a mom, I refused to take the animals home though. Those suckers multiply like rabbits and I have a current ban on new stuffed animals in my home, so it didn't seem fair for me bring more in.) I couldn't ride a lot of the super crazy rides like the Zipper and the Ring of Fire thing b/c I get sick, but we had fun on the rest. The ferris wheel was definitely the best...we rode it three times. Two of the three times, he went down on me when we were stuck at the top. It was so hot and naughty. Best line of the night from him came after the first ferris wheel cum trip when we were sitting on a bench waiting for him to go back down, he said "So, are you fixed or are you on the pill?". I laughed so hard and told him that since I'm not an animal, I haven't been "fixed" yet, but I do maintain consistency on the pill. 
After we left the fair around 11pm, we headed to the beach for a good fuck before he took me home at 1am where I fell into my bed to catch a few hours of sleep before work today. I wasn't going to have sex with him last night, but after the ferris wheel foreplay I couldn't resist. He wavers between bad boy and good boy. He's so well mannered unless we're discussing sex. He opens doors me for, pays for everything, compliments me, etc. but he'll also stand behind me and whisper very dirty things into my ear about his plans for me. 

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  1. He sounds like an awesome summer fling!