Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shiny Happy People

Miranda is so freaking domestic these days it’s crazy.  And for the record, I’m loving every minute of it. 

Coach and I have been doing well.  We’ve pretty much settled into a routine of chatting a little during the day, talking on the phone a couple times, and then spending most of every weekend together.  Sometimes it really sucks to have him living so far away and sometimes it actually works in my favor.  The long distance thing is not near as hard as I thought it would be.

Well not most of the time.  I will say after the rare four-day weekend together and that most Sunday evenings I’m in a whiny mood.  At least I can admit it.  HA!  But it’s really been going well since the break-up.  A couple of times lately he’s said things about us in the “future” and I’ve had to tell him to hold his horses.  I told him before I could even contemplate a “future” like that he needs to have all his crap handled with his ex and he needs to build up a whole mess of boatload of months full of good behavior (i.e. – no lying). 

He’s been handling the EX situation much better and after they go to court next week and iron out the child support and visitation, I think it will get even better.  That is if he sticks to the visitation agreement and stops letting her manipulate his emotions about his kids.  And he’s been very upfront about everything (that I know of lol) and I haven’t’ had any reason to doubt anything he’s said or done since the break up.  We’ve had many very frank conversations and I think I’m definitely approaching things this time much more realistically and I’m not bottling up any of my emotions.

I think I referenced it before during the break up but I found this quote and I keep it on a sticky note on my monitor just to make sure I’m keeping myself realistic:

“You love his potential, not his reality.  Who he is with you versus, who you think he could be are two different things.”

In a weird way I kind of feel like I’m floating in that la-la land.  Things are good with the kids, good with the family, and good with Coach.  I'm in my summer routine of spending as much time as possible laying out or in the pool. I've been so good and going to the gym almost every day for close to two months now.  

The only blight on the horizon is that work sucks and now with Gwyn moving to Hawaii, I either have to choose to find a new job or suck it up and stay here. We talk all the time how work is overrated and we wish we could just be stay at home wives/kept women.  HA!  That is one other thing I threw out to Coach about the “future” talk.  I told him I don’t intend to ever get married again unless me not working full-time is a big part of the deal.  To his credit, he didn’t even blink an eye and said he’d be more than happy to support his future wife. 



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  2. Well heck, my first comment disappeared :(

    The short version was that I'm in awe of your powers of rationality after reading:

    "...I’ve had to tell him to hold his horses. I told him before I could even contemplate a “future” like that he needs to have all his crap handled with his ex..."

    Many women I know have dove headfirst into an infatuation where they knew in advance there was still bullshit being worked out with an ex, and then acted shocked a few weeks later that this stuff was still dragging out. They're called "significant" others for a reason.

    Of course, that doesn't excuse all the guys who dive headfirst into a new infatuation and just assume all their ex bullshit will work itself out...