Monday, June 27, 2011

TMI Tuesday - From I Never to I Want to...

What are the three "nevers" of your life (things you would never do or never have done)?
Cocaine. Threesome. Toss a guy's salad. -Gwyn
Heroin, those electroshock sex toys, and sex with Cabana Boy (the guy who gave me chlamydia last summer) - Miranda
Meth, skydive, and become a lesbian - Jules

Who or what sleeps with you?
One or both of my cats and my phone. -Gwyn
Normally no one. But randomly my cat or Ladybug end up in my bed. Of course Coach gets to sleep here when he's in town and I don't have the kids. - Miranda
No one and/or nothing is allowed in Jules' bed for sleeping except Chloe sneaks in a lot. I sleep alone and I love it! It is one of my favorite things about divorce.- Jules

What were you doing at midnight last night?
I was in a cough syrup/Mucinex induced coma. -Gwyn
Sleeping in preparation for a killer 5 hour interview I had today for a new job. Keep your fingers crossed. - Miranda
Ordering back to school clothes for Chloe on line - Jules

What is the most bizarre thing someone has asked you to do sexually?
I really can't think of anything. I pretty much give off an 'I'm not doing any weird kinky shit' vibe so even if a guy wanted to ask me I doubt he would. -Gwyn
I still think the most bizarre thing was when SoCo asked me to use my teeth during a blow job. - Miranda
Scat (Clark)...enough said. - Jules

What is stashed under your bed/mattress? Why is it there?
This may be the most boring answer ever - nothing. I don't like putting things under my bed because I am far to OCD and they collect tons of dust and give bedbugs a place to hide. I used to keep a plastic under-the-bed container with wrapping paper under my bed but it has since found a new home. -Gwyn
Nothing but some empty shoe boxes.  My bed is raised up so you can see under it. Also I used to have a devil cat (thanks Josie for taking her in) who would tear up anything under there too.   All the goodies are stashed in my night table anyways. - Miranda
My toy box is under the bed b/c I lack a nightstand. I actually lack storage, so all kinds of things are under there...purses, quilts, clothes, bed rails (that aren't to this bed), sheets. Gawd, now I'm feeling like I should clean it out! - Jules

BONUS: What is the one thing you have not done with your partner that you really want to do and how will you go about making it happen?
Currently, I want to ask McDreamy for a picture of his penis but I haven't yet. I've been hinting around and sort of egging him on and I'm guessing I'll get one in the next week or so. I think he's a little scared to send it because he thinks I'll think he's a perv or something - which is funny because that's the same reason I don't want to come right out and ask for it. I think my current strategy is going to work, if not, I may up the ante during one of our future Skype dates and ask him to see it right then and there - while wearing only my lingerie of course. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that would do it. -Gwyn 
Hmmm, there's not a lot that Coach and I haven't done from a sexual standpoint. Well there are tons of kinky things we haven't done but not much that I feel like I'm missing out on. I'd like for us to go away somewhere just the two of us on a real vacation and I bet that will happen before too much longer. Oh and I'd like to actually date him and live in the same town as him lol.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one. - Miranda
I'm thinking the whole dominatrix thing with Gavin would be smoking hot if he'll let me. I've left those shoes out for him to see when he comes home this week and I bet it sparks some conversation. Of course, I'm hoping it sparks a lot more than just talking!! There isn't really anything with Owen that we haven't done that I've wanted to do, other than I'd love for him to pick me up and fuck me up against a wall. Since I've asked for this though, he's actually had some back and shoulder issues due to jiu jitsu, so we haven't gone there yet. - Jules


  1. 1. Glad you ladies won't do drugs. I'm with ya on the NO to electroshock toys (violet wands) and skydiving.

    3. Aww...Gwyn feel better. (btw those Mucinex commercials are gross!)

    Miranda, Good luck. I've got everything crossed.

    4. Ewww. Jules I have NEVER had anyone ask me that or for that or whatever. Omg, things would just end right then and there. I mean I know different strokes for different folks but watersports and scat are a NO FRIGGIN' way limit for me.

    5. Mistress Jules...yeah, I'm liking the sound of that! :-)

    Always a blast and eye-opening read ladies. Happy TMI Tuesday.


  2. I saw the penis last night!!!!!!


  3. Woo hoo!

    However, your comment is worthless without pics.



    P.S. Is it pretty?

  4. I agree - details, please! ;)

  5. I'm going to do a post about it tonight ladies...I am no longer a skype sex virgin lol...yes it's pretty :) details to follow!