Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Diagnosing Miranda

So over the last week or so Jules, Gwyn, and I have been laughing at the realization that you get what you give. Yeah, breaking news there. What we mean is that obviously we are all attracting guys with similar qualities over and over and over and over. Gwyn gets the assholes, Jules gets the sex freaks, and I get the emotional gimps. Clearly, we are putting out some of the same qualities at these guys and that’s why we keep ending up with them. Even when Gwyn and I switched personalities, ultimately we ended up with the same guys yet again.

Now obviously Jules is a sex maniac so she knows her “flaw” though how being a sex freak is a flaw is beyond me. Gwyn readily admits that she has problems opening up to people and she knows she pushes guys away. So what’s my deal?

Yes, I’m a little ADD about boys. Whoever is in front of me at the moment is winning the Miranda Olympics. And I’ve said more than once in the past I have a need for attention though I’ve made great strides in that arena since Gwyn’s non-initiating contact challenge. Other than that, I really don’t feel like I have some “issue” that I need to fix to attract different guys.

Gwyn challenged me yesterday to think about all the guys I’ve dated and see what qualities they have in common. One clear thing that jumps out is many of them, especially the ones I liked the most, tend to not really know what they want. They say they want a relationship but they also have a love affair with their freedom. I can definitely see that quality in me though I will readily admit (because if I don’t admit it Gwyn will call me on it) that with the right guy I’d be locked down in a relationship already (re: Flyboy or FJB or even Lawyer Boy).

Side note – to further illustrate my relationship issues I offer up exhibit A – Hot Chocolate – great guy, great with kids, no baggage, gainfully employed, pursing me like crazy, and hotter than hell yet I’m not interested in dating him. This is a picture he sent me yesterday; he’s doing his damndest to break my reserve not to be further involved. Yes his body is that sick.  Feel free to drool…

What else my past boys have in common, I’m not sure of. So diagnose Miranda! Tell me what I’m not seeing here. You read the blog. You hear my stories. You know my thoughts. I want to know what you think my issues are. Feel free to be candid! Like you ever hold back anyways – LOL!


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