Friday, October 22, 2010

The Cheese Stands Alone

Wednesday night my family all got together for dinner and the wine was flowing in copious amounts. During dinner, I was caught in a texting tidal wave as I was getting texts from this random new guy, Twin, and College Crush. Then good old SoCo started texting me. He requested the honor of my presence (his words not mine LOL) after I was done with dinner and I definitely was up for a little late night fun so I agreed.

So after dinner, my mom drove me home and I thought for half a second about asking her to just drop me off. LOL My mom taking me on a booty call! I didn’t, of course, and I headed over there myself. We just chilled for a while and talked. Recently I had told him about my dad’s suicide and SoCo has lost someone that way so we’ve had this odd little bonding thing going on lately from that. We just listened to music and chatted for a while. He did reveal to me exactly how much of a party boy he is. Apparently if I ever have any recreational activity I want to get involved in, either he has it or he has access to it. I’ll file that one away for future reference.

Anyways eventually, we sojourned into the bedroom and had some pretty hot sex for lord only knows how long. I do know we went through three condoms if that’s enough to pique your imagination. HA! Tidbit – I shared with Jules that this was the first time I’d went down on SoCo and he had an unusual request. As I was doing my thing, he asked if I’d use my teeth a little. Interesting….I’m so used to doing everything I can to keep my teeth away from a guy’s Johnson but apparently SoCo likes a little friction. It was different but fun! I think we finally passed out about 4 am and then it was up at 7:30 and off to work like a good girl.

So back to the original story, last night I was supposed to hook up (in the figurative sense not literal) with SoCo and my guy group of friends but I was beat down. So I laid my lazy ass on the couch and enjoyed the peace and quite of my empty apartment in the most Gwyn-ilicious way. During my peace and quite, Twin was texting me. He’s in Charleston for work. We talked a little bit and before I had even told him I was not going out after all, he suggested I stay in because he only wants me going out with him. WTF? It really struck me as wrong and the whole “not hanging out with friends” was a huge issue for Duckie and me.

I ignored him for a little while after that and then he said he was just feeling very possessive of me. I quickly set him straight by saying that was exactly what I meant when I said he has issues to work on. I also told him I have a lot of freaking friends whom I spend a lot of freaking time with and that was never going to change. He either had to be ok with it or show himself to the door. I also reminded him that this “friends” issue was a huge one in my marriage.

He didn’t reply for about 20 minutes at which point I imagine he was laying in a fetal position on the floor of his hotel room sobbing at my reaction. Finally, he did reply with some dumb BS trying to change the topic. I commenced ignoring him again. More text came in. Finally, I suggested that perhaps this was not the best time for us to being having our overnight mountain trip. He concurred at first and then started this self-pity “I don’t know if there’s anyone out there for me” “I’m lonely” “I can’t help the way I feel” crap and I have no tolerance for that crap and have told him that more than once.

He continued to text me after that but I pretty much wasn’t answering. I finally got tired of his texts and told him I was going to bed. I suggested he get divorced, get himself straight, and then call me in 6 months. Haven’t heard from him since.

In other news, on the way to the family dinner Wednesday night freaking FJB CALLED me. We talked for a little while and he suggested we get together soon. We emailed a couple times yesterday but no plans have been set. In my irate frame of mind men-wise, I’m really not pursuing anything with him. I know even trying to be friends with him is not going to work for me so I’m doing my damndest to let him go.

This weekend is wide open. I wonder what trouble I’ll get in to…


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