Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Day Late

Well I missed posting this on TMI Tuesday because I had to write a book report and take Chloe to a Halloween party and such…ahh, the life of a mom and student…but have no fear, I’m still whoring it up in my free time. Owen made an amazing appearance yesterday and I mean a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  We met up in our spot, but when I got there 3 cops were in the parking lot, which kind of freaked me out. I’m pretty sure sex in a van is an arrest-able offense. He convinced me that it would be fine though, that they were busy with other people and that once he was inside me I would forget all about it. The man was right.

We had some totally hard core, screaming, cumming until I was almost completely drained and my legs were shaking kind of sex. It was exactly what the Dr. ordered. I forget when I don’t see him for a while just how big his cock is and let me just say it, sometimes I’m a size queen. I’ll own it. Anyway the sex was super hot and he put that big, huge cock of his everywhere he could. I really love when a  guy cums twice, it’s an ego trip. He did yesterday and we both left very happy campers. Next Tuesday is Election Day, so sadly I probably won’t get to see him for 2 weeks, but holy mother of god he brought it yesterday and honestly it’ll tide me over.  The best thing about him is that it really is what it is…simple, easy, no drama.

Gavin is totally on again and off again with the gf…it’s ridiculous. I am not kidding you guys when I tell you that they have broken up 3 times since Sunday. Yes, 3 times. He actually slept in my bed last night because his son was visiting (but we didn’t have sex…just slept). Russell worked late and then opened, so as far as I know it went undetected. (Whoops...just got a text from Russell asking where Gavin slept.) I didn’t actually sleep worth a damn though because he sleeps in the middle of the bed and he kept snuggling me. He’s the only man I’ve never made abide by the no touching while sleeping rule I have because he’s so sweet and likes to cuddle and touch and for some reason I’m ok with him doing it, but I’m so tired today from the like 30 minutes of sleep I got I can hardly form sentences.  

Tonight I rescheduled my date from last week. I’m really not into this guy, but for some reason I feel compelled to go out with him. I think maybe it’s just because I need to interact with someone other than Gavin for a minute. Although, I think Gavin is moving to a friend’s house at the top of my road next week. It will be great because then he’s not there all the time, but can still visit easily and frequently.  


  1. How fucking big is big...

    7 inches

    10 inches

    is it girth


    I gotta know......

  2. It's HUGE! I may post a pic one day.

  3. Kenny - Jules texted me a pic once of it and I almost fell down when I looked at it. Yep, it's that big...