Sunday, October 24, 2010

Have I Landed a FWB?

What a freaking amazingly fun weekend I just had. One I greatly needed to distract me from the FJB madness (yep he’s back) and the weird ending of things with Twin.  Let’s hit the highlights shall we?  Then I need your advice.

Friday after work I was running a couple errands and headed over to Gwyn’s house for a little while and who should call… FJB.  We chatted for a few minutes about our weekend plans and he seemed really excited to tell me the job interview he had had that day and how well it went.  Before when we talked about the interview I didn’t ask a lot of details because I’m trying to keep some distance between us.  Just helps me keep a clearer head as far as he’s concerned.  So I finally asked where the job was.  It’s in freaking Massachusetts.  Yeah, guess it all makes sense now that he’s back wanting to hang out because there’s a real potential he’s moving 12 hours away so he doesn’t have to worry about being “attached.”  Whatever!

When I got to Gwyn’s house I filled her in and I thought I was going to hyperventilate from laughing so hard about it. Classic FJB. 

That night I headed out to see a friend’s band at what’s becoming one of my local haunts and to have some awesome girl time.  Me and my group of local girls hit the bar big time and nothing’s better on a girls' night out than a bunch of cameras. I think we took pictures with every single person in that bar.  And yet again I found myself riding the mechanical bull. Probably not the smartest thing ever to do with a semi-sprained ankle but it was well worth the show we put on.  After the crazy night of partying we ended back up at A’s house.  She’s my hair dresser and one of the sweetest and coolest girls I know.  Her friend Coco was in town (coco is not her real name, we all have bar names. Long story but mine is Princess Sasha Fierce just in case you’re wondering.) 

Coco and I had hit it off big time. Definitely girls cut from the same cloth.  Anyways, we were hanging out at A’s house for a while and SoCo texted me asking what I was up to.  Before I knew it me and Coco where heading back to my place to meet up with SoCo and his friend who randomly has the nickname Cheetah.  We had an awesome freaking late night that included a ridiculous amount of laughing, Coco passing out on my couch and me eventually putting her Ladybug’s bed, Cheetah army crawling down my hallway to go sleep in “the Lonely room” as we dubbed Leo’s room, and then yet another wild night of sex with SoCo that concluded about 7am. 

Eventually I dragged myself out of bed to take Coco home and then I hung out with SoCo and Cheetah for most of the afternoon.  After I detoxed a bit I headed back out with the girls for round two.  We did the “we’re with the band thing again” and damn if the night didn’t go freaking wild.  We ended up bar hopping a few different places and somehow assembling a group of about 10 guys who went everywhere we went.  The last place we went we ran into SoCo and his friend Cheetah again.  We ended up doing a late night at A’s place and they came back with us. 

When we got back to her place out came the damn peach moonshine.  Now we’d had a couple shots of it each before we headed out so there wasn’t much left except for the actual peaches in the jar.  Handy Miranda pulled out the peaches and started dicing them up and force feeding them to everyone around.  Eventually everyone was crashing so SoCo, Cheetah, and I headed back to my place.  I was freaking TOASTED as hell.  Between the moonshine, some recreational activities, several beers, and then those damn moonshine peaches I was as tore up as I think I’ve been in months.  It was crazy and hilarious.  SoCo and Cheetah said I was entertaining as hell.  The night ended of course with SoCo pouring me into bed and us having sex again until like 6 am.  Yeah, I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep this weekend. 

When we got up this morning, well afternoon, SoCo took Cheetah home and then came back to take me to get my car from A’s house.  On the ride over he asked what I was doing this afternoon and I told him I’d be getting up close and personal with my couch and he did his damndest to persuade me to hang out with him, his brother, and his sister in law to watch football all afternoon.  Despite the fact I was as exhausted as I have ever been and despite the fact that I hate football, I turned him down on the basis of feeling like we were threatening our FWB status by hanging out with his family.

Here’s where I need your advice.  As I said a couple TMI Tuesday’s ago, I’ve not had a lot of success with any type of FWB relationship.  This summer when SoCo and I first started hanging out it definitely had FWB overtones then it got weird and we just went back to straight friends until maybe a month ago when he and I hooked up after a late night. 

So here we sit, having hooked up three times in 4 days and I’m hoping we haven’t violated some sort of FWB code of ethics.  What are the rules and regulations of a FWB situation?  I like SoCo purely as a friend. He’s fun to party with and have sex with but I’m so not looking for a relationship with him.  Maybe today he just wanted to hang out because I’m a super cool awesome girl (lol Jules) but being a girl I can’t help but wonder if he’s getting “feelings” which let me state again, I don’t want to have happen.  Sex and partying yes – relationship and feelings – no.  So give me some tips on navigating a FWB situation!


PS – I will say that by partying and being under the influence for a good portion of the last 48 hours I’ve had very little time to think of FJB which is a good thing.  Sadly, I don’t think living in an inebriated state is something I can continue to do – HA! 

Oh and still no word from Twin since he blew it with me.

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