Saturday, October 23, 2010

Trouble in Paradise

Yesterday was such a clusterfuck of a day; I don’t even know where to begin. It started with Gavin and I having a big fight, our first actual fight in the time we’ve known each other. He was actually stupid enough to bring up the gf coming over to my house for BBQs. He said he just wanted things to be normal for him and for us to be all friends. Clearly the man is stupid and I think he got that after I yelled at him for about 30 minutes.  

I told him that I think she’s a horrible person and that no way in this lifetime will I ever be around her socially nor will she ever be around my daughter…ever. I threw all kinds of stuff back at him, like I’ve let him move into my house and I’ve asked nothing from him except for this one thing.  I told him I don’t equate sex and love and that I’m not in love with him, but I was shocked he would ask for the 2 of us to intermingle given the circumstances. Anyway, in the end I told him I was NOT going to continue to have this conversation either and unless he really wanted to piss me off, he should drop it immediately. He agreed…he’d never seen that side of me and I think it really took him by surprise. I’m a very nice, easy going person until you make me mad. Honestly ya’ll, it has nothing to do with my relationship with him. (Ok, well maybe a little in that no one has their gf and their mistress together…duh.) It really just is about the kind of person that she is, which is bad from what I keep hearing about her from various people.

So, I left for school and during the day I cancelled my date with the guy I was going to see. I’ve just decided I have way too much going on in life to start something else right now.  Also during the day because Miranda says I’m becoming an emotional cutter too, I texted Clark and apologized for last week. In all honesty, it was pretty much my fault and what I did was stupid. He tried to get me to come over last night, but in the end I bailed on that. I’ve texted with him some today, but I don’t know…I know it’s a ridiculous thing. I just can’t seem to quit him (extra points if you get the reference…lol).

On the way home from my very long day at school, Gavin calls me. He tells me he’s getting arrested and asked me to help him with bail. He said he had part of it, but probably not all of it. Then he calls back and says maybe he’s not getting arrested and he’ll let me know. I said I would come get him if he did. In the interim, my neighbor Mel came over and told me I’m stupid if I get him out. She said he needs to be responsible for his actions, sit in jail for a while, and think about his life’s choices. I don’t necessarily disagree with her, but I’m a social worker…I’m a rescuer by nature. Here’s where it really gets bizarre. (Mel hates the gf by the way…important to note.)

As Mel and I are having wine on the porch and I’m deciding what to do, the gf pulls up at my house in Gavin’s truck (They were at the beach when he got picked up…thankfully this did not happen at my house.). She came by for three reasons – to drop off the dog, to let his son get his backpack, and to tell me that he had in fact been arrested. Well, Mel goes off on the gf as I’m trying to help the son get the dog out of the truck. She said if the gf would release the TRO that a lot of his problems would go away and that the gf is why Gavin is always in so much trouble (not untrue statements, but totally inappropriate delivery and timing). It got ugly…total white trash moment in which I have to say the gf actually took the high road. I attempted to tell them both to just stop it and then I went inside b/c it was just too much for me on top of everything else.  She leaves and Gavin calls me asking what had just happened. I told him he had bigger fish to fry, but that he needed to keep all of his drama OUT of my house. I told him I was on the way with bail in a few, as he was pulling into the police station. 

I convinced Mel to go with me for the ride under the condition that if the gf was there, she would NOT start anything else. She agreed and we went to the next town to get him out. We were informed upon our arrival that since he’s being charged with a felony that he’s moving to the downtown jail and that the detective has 48 hours to formally charge him and set bail. Incidentally I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this or not, but these charges are totally bogus. The problem is that he’s got legit charges pending for an assault on a guy at his house that was trying to hit on his gf (which the gf encouraged!). None of this in combination with her TRO and the pending TRO from the landlord is favorable to him, of course.  The cop said it’s going to be at least $11,000 and I’ll need to contact a bail bondsman if I don’t have that kind of money. I don’t, so now I get to learn about the world of bail. Good Times, folks….good times. I think I’m going to call Dog. Since we couldn’t bail Gavin out, Mel suggested we go to a bar before going home.  Reluctantly, I agreed. 

We ended up in the only bar near the jail, which happens to be a strip club. I’ve never in life been in a viler place. The strippers were gross. One had the worst teeth and the smallest tits I’ve ever seen…when she got off stage and got dressed, her shirt read “I like to get drunk and hump things”.  The next girl was fat. All of them were chunky, but this chick was just fat. My favorite was this cute black chick. She kept kind of hitting on us. A lot of them got off stage and came to talk to and hug us…it was weird. Meanwhile, Mel is trying to convince the Korean ladies that run the joint to let her dance. She apparently was a stripper in her younger, thinner days and wanted to relive it. They wouldn’t let her because you have to have a card to perform in HI, so she proceeded to feel me up to the music.  I’m actually thinking going to Clark’s last night would have been a better idea. 

Things should be fairly quiet around my house for the next few days at least. Gavin gave me the wrong number for the gf, or I was tipsy and wrote it down wrong (both plausible scenarios)…so I’m going to try and track her down I guess to work to get him out when we can. Ugg, I don’t want to interact with her at all…but I also don’t want to leave him in jail because I dislike her as a person. Anyone want to weigh in??

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  1. Uh, I would wait 15 min for this episode to end and hope that the screen does not blank and say, "Too be continued!"

    Seriously, is this your life or a new dramatic sitcom on TV. Makes for interesting reading but I would not want to be involved, but then I am not a social worker, I am anti-social, so I just tend to walk away.