Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TMI Tuesday - Very Random Edition

Have you ever broken something (object or body part) while having sex?
I had a bed with crappy bed rails that used to break in college every freaking time I had sex.  At first it was hilarious but then it got really annoying every time I'd be in mid-move and the box springs and mattress would drop a foot. Also, after the crazy three hour session with IT, I feared my vagina was broken. - Miranda
I've broken beds before. Once my laptop (not my current one) was kicked off the bed. I've broken glasses that were on the nightstand and knocked off...jesus, I better stop thinking about this one before I decide I owe some people money. - Jules
If I have I was too drunk to remember because nothing really comes to mind. Judging from Miranda and Jules' responses it seems like I should have broken a bed or two by now, hmmmm. -Gwyn

What's one sexual guilty pleasure that you wouldn't openly tell your friends about?
I love it when a guy makes me lactate - HA Jules!  Kidding!  Sawyer has been my biggest guilty pleasure and only a few of my real life friends know about him. Seems that fucking someone's husband is a pretty big deal to some people.  Go figure LOL. - Miranda
Very funny Miranda...um, I think I've told you guys ALL of my sexual guilty pleasures...seriously, I'm an open book.  - Jules
Um hello you guys (and some of our readers) are my friends but good try getting me to divulge. -Gwyn

Take a peek over any celebrity's shoulder in the bedroom. Who are they and what are they doing?
Matthew McConaughey. I imagine he's screwing his baby mama doggie style, I don't know why.  I just want to look at his fine ass. - Miranda
JayZ - I have NO idea why he of all people came to my mind, but I bet he's got Beyonce's legs spread wide ass open pounding it...totally random. - Jules
Brad Pitt - wondering who the crazy bag of skin and bones in his bed is and how it is that she keeps convincing him to adopt babies from third world countries. -Gwyn

Roses are red, violets are blue...
Boys are stupid and so are you? - Sorry I'm in a pissy mood today. Miranda
If I hear you whine one more time, I'm going to shoot you. I'm also in a fairly pissy mood, though I've discovered pot may in fact be the cure for PMS. - Jules
Far too girly of a question for me to answer, how about "...poetry is weird and so are you." -Gwyn

How many times have you thought about sex in the last 24 hours? What triggered it? Who did it involve? At least five times. I'm enforcing a self-imposed boy sabbatical to clear my mind.  The crazy ass boys in my life triggered it and I'm debating if I can go without sex for very long now that I've gotten used to getting it all the time.  We shall see - Miranda
A trillion - I live with Gavin. Although, I'm losing interest in him sexually b/c he's turned into a whiny bitch about the gf...it's wearing me out. So, I'm off to go fuck Owen now. Yay! - Jules
I can't keep track but I'd guess around 10-20 times. A few times texting with Romeo....a few times reminiscing about past sex with Romeo....a few times while talking to The Ex last night, I reminisced about our past sexy times in an attempt to see if I was still interested in sleeping with him...a few times while around my bff's brother last night (No Miranda, I'm not a homewrecker lol - rather her brother always propositions me when we're around each other). I think that just about covers it. -Gwyn

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