Thursday, October 21, 2010


So yesterday I was texting with Jules on my way home, yes I’m one of those damn people who text and drive. I know, I know – it’s very dangerous. Does it make it any better if I tell you I can text without looking at the keypad?

Anyway, I was texting with her and I blew my own mind thinking about how different my life was a year ago. A year ago, I sat in this same office, typing on the same computer I’m typing on now, but my life was entirely and completely different in so many ways.

Jules and I had not fully reconnected yet. We kept up via email and Facebook but nothing like we do now. I swear I don’t think we have gone one single day without talking in one way or another in as long as I can remember.

I had just met Gwyn and at that point, I was pretty determined not to like her because she got the job I wanted one of my good friends to have. Lord knows how I survived my first 33 years without her in my life.

Josie and Dave were the crazy friends from my youth that I couldn’t believe got married and I doubted I’d ever see them both in person again (much less spend mucho days at the pool drinking it up with them). I will never be able to give them enough props for VOLUNTEERING to help me move. They are just ridiculously amazing people, for reals!

I was “happily” married with absolutely no sex life what so ever and I was faking many more orgasms than I ever actually had. Since March, I’ve almost doubled the number of sex partners I’ve had in my life and had way more orgasms than I probably had in the 12 years Duckie and I were together.

My dad was alive (Debbie Downer wha-whaaaaa). Incidentally, the one-year anniversary of his death will be November 2. Prepare yourself for some poignant posts around that time.

I didn’t know the 30 or so new friends I’ve made that entertain me endlessly day and night now, and who are actually really good friends who I could call up at any hour of the day for any kind of help and they’d show up.

I was just beginning to realize that I had a massive crush on my neighbor, Sawyer, but I swore I’d never cross the line with him. Now I endlessly torture him about the fact that I’m single and refuse to inconvenience myself just to see him.

My my my how things have changed in a year. What’s even crazier is that it just took me four short months to make those changed. I told Duckie mid-November that I thought we were done and then moved out at the beginning of March. I know I’m a decisive person but damn that’s some fast movement! Looking back, I feel like I don't even know the person I used to be.



  1. It amazes me how many people that I have met went through a similar "rebirth" around March of this year.

    That was my timeline also....

  2. Kenny - I just happened to Google what was going on horoscope wise during that time! This is what I read! How freaky!

    Mars is the planet of war, fighting, new beginnings, and the act of sex.


  3. That's interesting stuff about Mars...explains MUCH. I hate that our lives have gone through the turmoil of this past year with regards to certain aspects (like your Dad), but I'm so happy that we've all reconnected and that we have such an amazing network of support.