Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TMI Tuesday Q&A

You can't get enough of us can you? Gwyn will add her answers later as she's currently offline. This was lifted off http://tmituesday.blogspot.com/.

Commando: Sexy or disgusting? Do you have a "best" commando story?
It depends - I usually come home and change into commando. I like it when guys are commando too because I hate trying to free their hard cock from a tight pair of underwear. Best commando story ever? Hmmm...probably recently where Gavin just reaches over at night on the couch and starts rubbing the kitty while I watch TV. I honestly can't think of any "best of" tales for this.- Jules
Overall, commando is sexy.  Though I only go commando in skirts and dresses.  In pants it feels too weird.  I used to go commando a lot when I was seeing Sawyer.  My "best" commando story is when I met up with Sawyer in the parking lot at a local mall and we got it on in his truck.  Just pulled the skirt right up and climbed on.  No muss, no fuss. - Miranda
I almost always go commando - unless it's HNT and we're showing panty lines. So, that being said I have to vote 'sexy'. In my experience, guys LOVE it too. I can't really think of a best story but I will say that not wearing panties comes in handy more times than you may realize.... - Gwyn

Foreplay: Is there such a thing as too much?
Yes, I'm not big on foreplay. I much prefer penetration to anything else. I'll do it, but I'm really just waiting for the good stuff. - Jules
I personally love foreplay. I love the anticipation period before the penetration, as Jules puts it.  The thrill of the unknown, of getting so worked up you feel like you're going to explode, that's good stuff there.  Usually the only guys I cut short on the foreplay are guys I don't really like and just want to have sex with. - Miranda
Definitely. My opinion is almost exactly that of Jules'. It's kind of like whipped cream on my latte - if it's there I'll enjoy it but if not I won't miss it at all. Now if only I could order my sex with no whip cream......-Gwyn

Oral sex: Good if you are getting? Good is you are giving? Equally ewwwww?
I like it both ways. I love to give it, because if you're good at it you can get a man to do just about anything for you. I like getting it, but only if I'm being fingered at the same time because as I just mentioned I'm big on the actual penetration part. - Jules
Equally!  Though for years I said I didn't like to give it.  Apparently that only applies to giving it to Duckie.  I bet in the 12 years we were together I didn't give it to him more than 25 times.  I almost feel bad about that.  Hopefully his new girlfriend is taking care of that for him now! If a guy is giving it to me though and it's not good, I put the kibosh on it quickly. - Miranda
For me it's all about the guy I'm with. If I like the guy (and he is well groomed) I love love love giving it. If the guy knows what he's doing then I also love receiving. However, if his private area has never seen a razor and/or his idea of oral sex is just licking aimlessly like a damn puppy then I'll pass. -Gwyn
Orgasm: Is one per night enough or does the first one just get your motor running?
Um, the 1st one is just a tease...you better keep them coming. I can cum as long as a guy can go. - Jules
One puts a smile on my face.  Two, three, four make me comatose, in a good way.  - Miranda
One per night is usually plenty for me. I have an issue with over stimulation lol (I know, I'm full of issues)- Gwyn

Morning sex: "Oh hell yes!", "Well if I have, too." or "Just get in the shower and go to work."
Oh hell yes, I love sex period...morning, noon, night. I guess that's fairly obvious by now though. ;) - Jules
Oh hell yes!  What better way to start the day? - Miranda
Yes please. - Gwyn
Have you ever had anonymous sex? Have you ever had an orgasm without at least knowing your partner's last name?
More times than I can count...I guess that's why I don't know my actual number. I have had sex with plenty of people that I didn't know their last names and a few where I'm not really sure of their true first names. There was a kid in high school named "Cornbread". I'm pretty damn certain his mama didn't name him that. - Jules
Anonymous no.  Though there are a few guys along the way that I can't remember their names now.  Oddly enough, much like with this blog, I've always given my boys nicknames so I at least know their nickname.  I think I've known the majority of their last names though there are definitely some I don't. - Miranda
I'm not sure what constitutes anonymous but I've definitely had sex with guys whose last names I didn't know. I've had a handful of one night stands, ok maybe two handfuls. -Gwyn


  1. You don't like foreplay with someone you don't like..just want to fuck...

    That line turns me on. I can totally see fucking someone I don't like, but just want to use their body to get off. I thought that men were the only ones...

  2. your TMI answers, like your blog, are always fascinating and fun to read. Keep up the good work. As for the anonymous sex, I was a "good boy" all through college, but when we went dancing we had a bet to see how could get a kiss without getting a name first. I won more often than not.

  3. Kenny - You read this blog. Is it a shock that there are at least three woman in the world who have sex just to have sex? LOL!

    Advizor - I used to play the kiss game in college too! My personal record was six and that was on Halloween night when I was dressed like the devil. We also did the butt squeeze game. That one tended to get us in trouble.