Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bail, Bitchiness, and Booze

That pretty much sums up my weekend...lol. Ok, here are the actual details. Friday I'm texting with Russell on the way home and find out the gf has come by the house looking for the rest of Gavin's bail money. His bail was set Friday for $1000, so no Dog needed. :( Anyway, he hurried her home and told her to come back after 6:30pm when he knew I would be home and would have had wine time. (Sometimes I still really love him....haha.) Around 7pm, she showed up. Chloe answered the door for her. I was sitting on the couch holding my dinner plate on my lap and watching TV with the familiy. I reached over and shoved the envelope of cash toward her. She thanked me, I mumbled something, and then she apologized for the night before. I again mumbled something, not really taking my eyes off the TV. (She really hadn't started that porch thing with the neighbor, but she was still part of drama being at my house...not cool.) Then she got the hint and headed off but on the way out said...thank you guys again for helping him, you're angels. LOL, yeah sister...I'm an angel alright...now go spring my boy toy, bitch. (No, I didn't say it...I just thought it loudly.)
Around 12am, he calls me and tells me he's around the corner on the way home. Everyone was in bed, so he crawled into my bed and told me about his ordeal. We cuddled for a while, I blew him (since there was an adult in the house...damn rules) and then we went to sleep in our own beds.
Saturday night, Russell went out so it was just us. Gavin came home from working all day around 7:30 tore the fuck up. I've rarely seen him that drunk, but by now I've figured out how it goes. He sat and talked our ears off for a little bit, showered, and passed out. He woke up about 2 hours later and went and found us some recreational substances for play. We had a fun night, but by the time he got back I was tired and honestly I'm a little over his thing with porn right now too so I was kind of bored. The sex is still really great though and I love having it at my disposal. I've gotten laid a freaking ton since he moved in.
Sadly, it's PMS week and I'm being the bitch from hell. I was in a horrible mood yesterday and today. I hate this time of the month...I'm actually considering going to see a Dr. about it. Clark IMed me yesterday to see if I was free last night. I quickly told him I wasn't and signed off. I'm really trying to play it cool with him, but part of me misses him some too...a stupid part, but still a part.

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