Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stupidity Prevention - Place Your Orders Now!

Next time you’re sexy texting, glean a lesson from ole’ Miranda here and double check just who you’re sending your message to.

Yesterday, Coach was in a meeting texting me and I decided to send him a sexy picture to embarrass him - he blushes incredibly easy. So I selected one from my array of photos on my phone and happily hit send.  I didn’t get a reply but I didn’t think about it because he was in a meeting.

Fast forward about five hours later. I’m on the way home from work when who should call…Sawyer.  I thought he was calling to finish our conversation from last week but the first words out of his mouth were, “You didn’t mean to send me that picture did you?”  It caught me off guard and I had to think for a moment. Then I realized just what in the hell I’d done.  Yep, I accidentally sent the sexy pic to Sawyer, not Coach.  Freudian slip or honest mistake?

In my defense, it just so happens that they have the same first name and Sawyer’s last name comes first alphabetically.  More than once I’ve started to text Coach and realized I had picked the wrong person from my contact list but I’ve always caught it.  Clearly I was not quite so accurate this time though.

We talked for a few minutes and I got a good laugh out of it and more than a little embarrassment.  Sawyer actually had the gall to ask me to send more explicit pictures.  Thankfully the picture he saw was actually pretty tame. I politely declined his request, finished the conversation, hung up, and then promptly deleted his number out of my phone.

Might as well cut all chance of that happening again as well as any temptation to communicate with him.  Nothing like a little stupidity prevention. Now if I could just bottle that and sell it….


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