Friday, March 4, 2011

In Other News

Yesterday Duckie met with our lawyer and signed his part of the divorce papers! Now they just have to be filed with the court, then I sign them, then the lawyer takes them back to court.  A week or so after that, Miranda is a free woman again!  Keep your fingers crossed that all this will be done by the end of March! 

Things with Duckie have been really good lately.  I think he’s bounced back pretty well from his breakup. He even had a date Tuesday night that apparently went very well based on his Facebook status.  I really hope he is doing as well as he seems to be. Despite our differences and the $500 in alimony he robs me of every month (only 2 more years to go!), he is a nice guy and he deserves to have someone in his life that will be good to him.

It’s funny to think that a year ago I was literally salivating planning my move out in just two days time. Things were so AWFUL between us then. Duckie was more than a little scary at that point.  Leo’s birthday was just a week after I moved out and his birthday party was so painful and awkward. Duckie’s family wouldn’t come because they didn’t want to be around me and Sawyer and his family were there!  AGH!

Fast forward a year later, my affair with Sawyer is long finished but Duckie’s family still won’t talk to me. Well, to be fair, I have talked to his mom a few times but the rest of them have written me off for dead.  Not a problem for me personally, but it makes me feel bad for the kids around their birthdays and stuff. Leo’s birthday is next weekend and I really wonder if at least Duckie’s parents will come to the party together. 

Leo’s birthday brings up another conundrum. If, and let’s face it at this point it’s more than likely, I’m still seeing Coach, do I invite him to the party? I mean he’s been a pretty big part of the kids’ lives already but how weird would it be to have him and Duckie in the same room?  Of course I’ve been on the opposite side of the equation by being in the same room as Duckie’s girlfriend.  I guess out of courtesy I should ask Duckie if it would be too weird for him before I issue the invite to Coach.

Tonight Coach will be home so we’ll see how it goes being face to face with him after having some space this week.  It’s sure to be an eventful – and insightful – weekend either way!



  1. That;d be great if Duckie was cool with it, even better if perhaps he would have someone to bring. Kind of sends a message to the in-laws of "Hey, we moved on and can play nice in front of the kids, why can't you?"

  2. Yes it would be great if that would happen. I did find out yesterday that apparently Duckie's crazy ex has been trying to get back with him. Thankfully he seems to be staying clear of her. I'm proud of him for that!