Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Think I Just Threw Up In My Mouth

Ok, I know I’m a cold hearted biatch when it comes to love but bear with me.

In the world of glass-half-empty-Gwyn, when someone I’ve just started talking to/dating/hanging out with starts being too nice I get suspicious. It’s literally a red flag for me, I’m not saying this is healthy but it’s the truth. I’m not the type of person to put myself out there without fully knowing who I’m giving myself to. I also have a pretty full life and am not sitting around waiting to find someone to smother with love and affection. So when someone else acts that way towards me it freaks me out. You barely know me, how could you possibly know if you love me or want to be with me in a serious relationship? You may want to be in a serious relationship with my body or love my ass, sure.

I know plenty of women like this kind of stuff and enjoy the attention but I can’t stand it. It comes off, to me, as insecure and clingy which are two things I do not like one bit. I mean I know I’m freaking amazing but don’t you have your own life going on? Don’t you need some alone time? Don’t you have other things to think about besides me? Maybe I don’t like the pressure of being so central to someone else’s happiness but whatever the reason, it freaks me out.

So, blog readers....any advice for how to overcome this fear of expressing feelings or being the recipient of expressed feelings? Am I crazy for thinking this way? Should I just start putting myself out there and risk getting hurt? I don't want to be cold hearted forever but I'm going to need a lot of convincing....


PS - The Chinless Wonder messaged me at work yesterday "What size shoe do you wear?" After I asked "Why are you asking me that?", he responded with "Because I wanted to see if you could wear the extra pair of roller blades I have. You know since you're a tomboy." Then he put some stupid smiley face graphics. I never responded. I'm about to tell this boy to either piss or get of the pot. Ask me out and get it over with or stop bugging me all day long while I'm trying to work and write clever blog posts and FB status updates! Below is a picture of Chinless Wonder that gives you a little bit of insight as to why I will NEVER date him and why Miranda and I say he is the consummate douchebag...


  1. There are no words for that costume. Where in the world did he wear that?!

  2. I thought that was supposed to be bacon the first time I saw it.