Friday, March 11, 2011

Therapeutic Processes

Yep, I've officially started using my professional expertise in my personal life. ROFL! First off this morning was FB IMing from Clark which then morphed into all day texting. Josie summed it up today. I don't let him have any power or control over me, but there is definitely a strange thing. I don't know what it is and most days I have a very clear picture that we're not happening ever and that he's toxic for me. Then, there are days I'm weak. I started off today a little weak, but it quickly went away.

I spent the entire day (literally) mirroring his behavior back to him. He was sweet at first and then he moved into his normal asshole status and I gave it back hard core. When he moved back to sweet, I was over it and told him I was going home. For those of you that are NOT Team Clark (and I think only Clark is on Team Clark), the best part of the day was telling him that if he sees anyone else I'm over it. I will not see him again. He did call me out for being a hypocrite and he's right, I am. Anyway, he pissed me off pretty much all day (which I know I deserve for engaging) and I'm not seeing him tonight as he had hoped.

I did spend a lot of time with Gavin today between work and school. I didn't have to go into work today until lunchtime and Gavin needed to go to the DMV to register his truck, so I took him this morning. It was nice to just hang out with him. He was cracking me up today. Since my tantrum, he's been totally on it which is providing positive reinforcement for that tantrum...lol. No I won't use it again unless I really need too, but I'm loving the effectiveness of it all. He called me when I was on the way home from class tonight and asked if I was home. I told him I would be in about 30 minutes and he asked if he could come over. Of course I said YES.

He came over for a quickie because I was texting with my mama over the Japan earthquake and possible tsunami here in Hawaii as a result. He probably would have stayed longer, but I think he was irritated I wasn't solely focused on him. A quickie was perfect for tonight though because I'm exhausted. He came over hard and I blew him for a little bit and then hopped on my chair so I could get it nice and hard like I like. Russell is home, so I had to be quiet and that's a really hard position to be quiet in, but I managed! Good fun and good orgasms!

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