Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm Ready to Go Retro

I’m pleased to report that Coach and I had an awesome weekend together. Really it couldn’t have gone any better and it’s the first fully great weekend we’ve had since we’ve been doing the distance thing.

Friday for whatever reason (I’m blaming it on the full moon) I literally lost my mind at work.  You can ask Gwyn but I was crazy for some reason. At one point I was hiding under my desk from co-workers drinking a sprite I had spiked with vodka.   Yeah, it was that kind of day.  Anyway, par for the course Coach was calling and texting me telling me he was going to be later than planned because he was playing golf with his coworkers.  It wasn’t any big deal because I had the kids and I figured I’d just see him later when he got to my place.

On the way home he called me again and my craziness led me to give him hard time for all the junk his “friends” try to start.  For about 20 minutes I reamed his “friends” lol.  After I picked up the kids, I started thinking about how much he’d been calling me during the afternoon and my radar went off.  As I pulled into my neighborhood my suspicions were quite pleasantly confirmed and I saw he was there waiting for me!  HA! What a good surprise and how funny that I’d just been being mean to him. 

That night we took the kids out to dinner and then watched a movie par my normal Friday routine with the kids. Then I put the kids to bed and Coach had me twisted up like a pretzel in no time in bed.  For a gimp he’s freaking amazing with his hands!  We had an intense quickie and then collapsed and fell asleep.

Saturday we met my mom for breakfast and then ran errands and spent some time with Coach’s family.  While we were at his sister’s house, we started sorting through all these bins of clothes he has stored there. That man has more freaking clothes than me, Jules, and Gwyn combined.  It’s seriously ridiculous. I don’t think he’s thrown away anything in 10 years at least including some very homosexual looking 90s ribbed cotton v-neck shirts by Tommy Hilfiger.  Not attractive to say the least. 

I dropped the kids off with my mom to spend the night and then seriously channeled my inner 50s housewife as I took charge of sorting out his clothes to take to DC; doing laundry for me, him, and the kids; and hell even ironing a few shirts of his that needed it.  It was quite the crazy experience and I have to admit, I kind of loved it.  I especially loved it when in the midst of my laundry frenzy Coach came up behind me and started kissing my neck.  He was on the way out the door to go spend some time with his kids.

So he was kissing my neck and running his hands up and down my body and it was freaking hot. I don’t know it if was all the pheromones from his laundry or what but next thing I knew he had my pants undone and he was driving me crazy for all he was worth.  Then he bent me over the damn washing machine and proceeded to make me seriously wish I was a housewife and that I could expect that treatment every day of my life!  It was a seriously weirdly erotic experience between his aggressive actions, the warmth from the dryer, and the cool metal of the washing machine vibrating against my body.  Needless to say, he went to see his kinds more than a little rumpled and sweaty.  I just sat my ass on the couch in a daze and wondered how I could make that happen again toute de suite.

Saturday night we took Coach’s parents to dinner and I have to say they are the funniest couple!  And the fact that they seem to love me to death doesn’t hurt a bit either!  We went and saw a movie before having another awesome night of sex.  I miss having the sex every day like we were before he moved but damn if we aren’t making up for it on the weekends!  Sunday morning I woke up with him stroking me and teasing me and kissing my neck.  You can guess what quickly followed.  I’m generally not a loud girl but I was definitely getting there when I remembered we had all the windows wide open.  Oops! LOL!

The rest of Sunday was running around, going to my practice, and getting him packed up and headed back to DC.  I seriously have no complaints about this weekend!



  1. I know it was an in depth post, and I'm sorry that this is all I took away from it, but: Coach is a gimp? Did I miss something?

    There's something very intimate about a woman doing your laundry for you, a sort of unspoken acceptance that this is more than sex. I HATED it when girlfriends took it upon themselves to do my laundry (or suggest that they could do it better), because it felt like they were assuming a connection that didn't exist.

  2. He's had a couple incidences of telling far less than the truth. One time about the job in DC being a permanent job and not a contract position and one time about plans changing with his kids/ex. He's been treading thin ice but he's doing his damnedest to make up for it and it's working. I was really only doing his laundry to be nice because I knew he needed to run around and see family and his kids. But I have to admit I liked it. It definitely felt like what you described. Hell I never did Duckie's laundry willingly! HA!