Saturday, March 19, 2011

Juggling is a Sport

Holy Mother of All of That Is Freaking Holy...my ass is worn the fuck out. This has been quite a week! I am exhausted...super, mega kind but I'll be ok after tonight. Here's the news...

Thursday I went to work for a few hours and then to school and took my midterm. It was fine, I think I aced it b/c I am a smarty pants, but it was mentally taxing. As I was coming home, Clark texted me to ask how it went. My icy heart did melt a little bit that he cared enough to remember and ask. He's not overly into others and all. We texted back and forth and he was disappointed that I wasn't coming over, but he hadn't invited me that specific night and I had told him I was hanging with the boys anyway. So it turned out that after we bought our airlines tickets to come visit NC this summer, Russell freaked about money and canceled our wine bar evening but he invited his bf up to the house for dinner and wine on the porch. When I got home, steak was cooking and a lovely bottle of wine was opened....ahhhhh. I heart the gays. During the evening we drank MUCH wine and smoked some pot...total blast! Gavin came over for about 15 minutes, realized he wasn't getting any, and furthermore (told me later) felt a little uncomfortable so he bolted. I passed out only to wake up this morning with the mother of all hangovers.

I was supposed to go see Clark tonight, but I bailed after Gavin called 4 times today asking me out tonight. As it turns out, we didn't go but I did come home for sex and more drugs. I'm so bad when Chloe is away. I wonder what this summer will bring?? Anyway, I got home tonight and we got high and fucked. I think he knows I've been out this week but again won't bring it up. I felt guilty today when I told him I initially had plans for the evening. He was psyched later when I told him I cancelled them. We hung out and watched TV and stuff. I think he needed some Jules time.

In random boy news on this end of the country, I accidentally pocket dialed Owen yesterday while he's on vacation with his family...OMFG. I sent him an email later telling him what happened and hoping his family missed it (as I hope he had too and wasn't freaking that I was intentionally calling him for something!). I was mortified! I hate, hate, hate my new phone. Penn keeps texting me. I'm rude and flip and a total bitch, but he's texted me not once but twice for sex this week....OMFG (yep, again). I am NEVER going near that rat bastard again...really. That's about all of the random except for Gavin dropping the swinger's party thing again today! Coincidence?? It has to be, but jesus the timing was nuts.

PS I ended up deciding to go ahead and go to Clark's since Gavin isn't actually taking me out tonight. I sobered up and am heading out for a weekend of sexual sinning.


  1. Did Owen ever tell you what happened on his side?

    One time, when I FIRST got married (like, the first month), Lena was having a bad night and I was worried about her. So I called and called and called the next morning from work. When I finally got through to her she was half asleep and crying about this terrible nightmare she had that her whole life sucked and I was gone. I told her to go back to sleep and that I was going to take the rest of the day off of work to spend time with her.

    When I got home thirty minutes later though, she was having coffee in the living room with her Mom. She said she never got a call, and her phone didn't show a missed call from me either. I had been calling from my desk phone so I didn't have a sent call log to trace.

    That's when it hit me. I had called Amy, the ex-girlfriend of three years that I had just broken up with less that a year ago. I saw her once, years later, and she didn't bring it up so I'm hoping she just thought it was a nightmare of something. I've felt terrible ever since though :-)

  2. Funny story! No, Owen is still on vacation and so he hasn't checked in. He comes back on the 28th!