Monday, March 21, 2011

Just A Swingin

This has been a very eventful weekend, so I'm just going to pick up with Friday night and go from there. This post does not have a happy ending though, sadly. Those of you that voted this week were right, I'm an idiot.

Friday night I arrived at Clark's house and he took me out to eat a late dinner. I came home to his house and passed out in the bed I was so tired. I woke up Saturday morning to awesome sex. We spent the week having awesome sex...he was ON it this week. Saturday morning he'd told me he didn't want to cum until that night but it became so intense he couldn't stop. My nipples are still sore and his sheets are in dire need of the laundry. After the sex, we got up and got ready to head out for the day. He wanted to take me to the movies and we needed to run some errands for the evening's event.

On the way to the mall, I got a flat tire. It was the bad kind that they can't repair. He tried to fill it with air for me to no avail. We dropped the car off at the mall and shopped around and saw Limitless while we waited for the car. While we were shopping, we ran into my ex neighbor...the uber Mormon lady. She hated me and it was funny to watch her try to engage in pleasant convo. I ran into her again a little while later (it's a small mall) and Clark and I were going into the toy store as she was taking her son in....well they were in and out. I've never seen a someone get a kid out of a toy store that fast...poor kid.

When we finished our diversions, we went back to his house to start getting ready for the swinger's party. The  party is arranged by this guy called Sheriff John. I'm not kidding...he calls himself the sheriff. He sent me a text  telling me the details of what to do when we got there with regards to calling a number to get the room number and such. Then he busts out with this gem..." We wear name tags the 1st hour or so. Everything is set. Naked people await you.". I was laughing so hard I was crying at this point. I asked Clark where he thinks one puts a name tag on when you're naked. I learned.

We drive to town where the hotel was and called the number for the room number. I was oddly not nervous until we knocked on the door and I had the "oh fuck" moment. A pretty blond girl greeted us (as she was the official greeter) and showed us around the hotel suite. She introduced us to everyone (bigger crowd than I expected) and showed us where to put our things. In one of the bedrooms was a couple that was there for their first time too. They seemed equally as anxious and we struck up a conversation with them. We killed a bottle of wine in about 30 minutes and I would like to point out that this is the very first time I've ever seen Clark drink. Finally, we moved into a private room with them and played some form of strip high card draw or something. The girl and I lost first and were naked waiting on the men. Finally the game ended, all clothes were off, and we started playing with our own partners. I was blowing Clark and he was making me squirt all over the sheets from his fingers. The man has got some serious talent. Once they came, we switched things up and the girl and Clark started 69 and the guy fucked me. When he finished, I rolled over and watched Clark and the girl and then she told me to help her, so we blew him together. He loved it.

Meanwhile, Sheriff John couldn't attend last night, so Sheriff Q was there. Q is a black guy (one of very few on the island) with short dreads. I love that look...I actually like long ones but short are good too. Anyway, he came in and was watching us and told me that he wanted to play with me too. I agreed and the couple left and  Clark and I moved into another room with him. I totally thought Clark was on board with this because from the very beginning of our thing in 2009, he's always told me he wanted to watch me with another guy(s). I let Q fuck me and while we were going at it, Clark is sitting on the other bed watching and jacking off. He looked into it and I was cumming a lot (too much it seems). Q came and asked if I was up for another round. I said sure and we started again. It seems this was the beginning of the end for Clark and I. Apparently it was ok that I fucked him once, but not twice. Who knew these rules and he wouldn't talk to me beforehand about it...told me to do whatever I wanted and he was happy to watch and/or participate.

When Q and I were in the midst of the 2nd time, I looked over and Clark and he was playing on his phone. I thought he was texting and made a comment about it. It seems he was texting me and telling me that when we were done, I was taking him home, and then going home myself because I'd ruined myself for him. I didn't read this until later after we left. Something happened that Q had to get up and I walked over to Clark to kiss him and he muttered "We're leaving now". I was like ok and out we went. I had no idea that he was pissed before this point. He refused to talk to me and refused to look at me. We had parked blocks away and I veered off and walked back to my car alone b/c I was confused, hurt, and angry (as I often find myself with him). He got back to the car first and by this time I'd checked my phone and read his texts. I started screaming at him that he would not talk to me like this and and that he could get his own fucking ride home. I was hitting him to get out of my car and overall it was quite the scene until I noticed that he was crying.

He told me that this evening had been a lot harder for him than he thought it would be and that he realized he has real feelings for me and it was horrible watching me with someone else. I backed down at this point and moved into fixing mode. I told him I thought I was doing exactly what he wanted and that I didn't understand why he was so upset, although I got now that he had deeper feelings than I previously knew about. I drove him home and asked him if he wanted me to stay or go...he said stay.

I didn't sleep well at all last night and he was so far away from me on the bed it was ridiculous. This morning at 9:30 I finally woke him up and told him I was hungry, I was going to get dressed and go eat, he could come or stay. He chose to stay and said he needed to be alone...yep, shut down mode in full effect. It lasted about 45 minutes and then the texts started pouring in. He asked me all kinds of things as to whether this other guy was better than he is, how he didn't know if he could ever be with me again, to how he knew he was acting like a baby and I had nothing to be sorry about, and then finally thanked me for sucking him with the other girl and suggested maybe we do it again. It was the normal crazy thing with him, but it ended early and I haven't heard another word from him today. I know he's stewing on it and I'm going to let him. This is going to run it's course sooner or later. I'm not moving to NC and he's not staying here in HI, so this may be it.


  1. Oh, and where exactly do you put a name tag when you're naked?


  2. It seems that you can stick it anywhere you deem appropriate...your chest, your genitals, or if you're feeling crazy and it comes off with your clothes that seems to be ok as well if you're fucking the sheriff.