Friday, March 25, 2011

I Can't Get No...


Team Jules is pissing me off.

Gavin came over for sex, which ended with him cumming in my mouth not once but twice. How many times did I cum while he was here? Yep...zero. Boo. I came a bunch after he left with my glass toy....bad, bad boy. This is NOT how I roll. You cum, I cum. Well reverse it and there you have it. Christ, do I really have to explain this to a 42 yr old man?? 

Owen remains on vacation...hating it. I can't wait for his giant cock to cum back all over me.

Clark and I have been having lots of conversations this week about our feelings. This includes his angry feelings at me and my guilty feelings that I hurt him. Obviously he still loves me (as much as he can) and we continue to have daily convo about how I hurt him, but neither of us can just be done with it. Why do I feel guilty when just 6 months ago he was crushing my heart? One has to wonder...wtf is wrong with Jules? Clearly I'm in love with the stupid 25 year old and it's clearly destined to epically continue to FAIL. 

Random guy from HS/restaurant (Tim) continues to text me and tell me how amazing I am and how he can't wait to see me again after all of these years. Then he tells me how we should talk for real soon, not just text but his free minutes are from 7pm-7am EST. (I'm not making this shit up). He seriously told me that he would love to talk to me during his "free" time. 

In happy news, Russell and I are getting along like never before (ok well never during our marriage before...more like we did when we were bffs). We got super high with the neighbor last night after a fun evening hanging out and tonight he surprised me with a fantastic dinner, after leaving work early to come home and take care of our sick child. Why is the gay the best team member right now??? Hello, we don't even fuck anymore...omg clearly I have to stop fucking the others and they will straighten out. 


  1. Random guy only wants to call on his free minutes? What a putz, maybe his free minutes don't show up on his phone bill, a bill that someone else may be reading.... Hmmm?

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  3. For the love of god, please don't feel guilty about hurting him. There's five cardinal rules of kinky sex:

    1) Don't assume "No" might mean "Yes, but surprise me" unless you have a Safeword.
    2) Don't put it in anybody's ass if you can't handle a little shit on it.
    3) Don't expect it if you wouldn't be willing to give it.
    4) Don't put anything in your mouth that you aren't prepared to pretend you love.
    5) Don't badger your lover for group sex if you don't understand that it means your lover will be fucking other people.

    Anyone who doesn't understand these five tenets aren't worth your time :-)

  4. Advizor, yeah my suspicions are up with him. Who the fuck still worries abt their minutes? Is it 1995 again???
    Ethan, I concur! LMAO