Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Last 24 (Or Why Jules Loves Her Life)

Funny story (although maybe it's just funny to me), but I just got home from being at my practicum all day (which has totally been stressful lately) and then to get my hair done and then to the drug store. I walk in and Gavin had been by at some point today and left evidence in the form of porn up on my laptop, lube on the desk, and my toy box pulled out where the lube lives. When I was giving him shit on the phone and informing him that I'm not his mama, he said "Well sometimes I just want you to know I've been there and thinking about you." Dude, he totally made that shit up on the spot. I literally laughed at him, but gave him points for quick recovery. According to Gavin, my room gives off a very sexual vibe. Then he told me he may come back tonight for more.

It's been a super fun 24 hours in Jules' world. Prior to that fun though, I took Clark to court yesterday morning for his traffic thing. I blew him before court, but honestly I wasn't really into it. I think I'm pretty much over it. It's just too much work at this point and I need easy...enter the rest of the team.

I broke down and called Gavin yesterday since I felt guilty for ditching him Saturday night. He was glad I'd called and rewarded me by coming over last night and fucking the holy hell out of me. It was one of those super horny, I need it right now kind of fucks. He was literally in every place he could be in, which I would normally have totally loved if I hadn't planned to see Owen today. Gavin actually left me a little sore last night, but it was totally worth it!

Today I met up with Owen for lunch. It was like taking a starving man to a buffet. He hadn't eaten in weeks since being on vacation and he was all over me. I showed up in a dress with no panties on, which I've recently learned he loves and thinks is super sexy. It was the normal, awesome, amazing sex but my ass was sore from the night before and I actually had to make him stop and move into other areas. I felt badly, but he was also taking forever to cum and I finally couldn't take it anymore. We fucked some more and he finally ended up coming from me licking his cock and him rubbing it between my tits.  He fessed up later that he'd taken so long to cum b/c he had been masturbating to fantasies of me and the anticipation of lunch that morning before work. I have to say that I love knowing when men fantasize about sex with me...so hot.

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