Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TMI Tuesday - 1st Impressions

This week is first thing you think of. Are you ready?  *Stolen from http://blue-eyedvixen.com/

1. Pink
The color or my favorite vibe. - Jules
Babies. -Gwyn
Lollipops. IDK why lol. - Miranda

2. Lolly pop
Chupa Chups - yummy goodness. - Jules
Tootsie Roll Pop. -Gwyn
Weird!  Cherry blow pops. - Miranda

3. Cherry on top

Hell no, maraschino cherries are like Spam...they could survive a nuclear holocaust. - Jules
Huh? -Gwyn
Tying cherry stems into a knot. No I can't do it but it always impresses me. - Miranda

4. 3
Number of men I had sex with Saturday night - Jules
Makes me think of the proposals I do at work...aka 'in section 4.3 please write 858 words in Times New Roman font size 12...' -Gwyn
The number of orgasms I have on average during each session with Coach. - Miranda

5. Entertainment center
Random...yes, I have a smaller version here in HI than my previous enormous NC ones. - Jules
Do people even have those anymore? -Gwyn
LOL. I thought of a mall. Spring fever makes me want to shop! - Miranda

6. Spoon
An awkward position - Jules
Dave Matthews Band. -Gwyn
Ice cream - Miranda

7. Biology lab
HATED it - nothing sexual, happy I finally passed it. - Jules
Gives me bad flashbacks of college and dead animals. -Gwyn
What I should have focused on in school so I could be a labor and delivery nurse now. - Miranda

8. Wham Bam
Thank you ma’am - how I typically like it. - Jules
Same as Jules. -Gwyn
Ditto - Miranda

9. Dessert
Sometimes - I've gained 10lbs that I'm super unhappy with so less so these days, but chocolate remains a food group in Jules' world. - Jules
My reason for living. -Gwyn
I'm still thinking of ice cream from the damn spoon question above. - Miranda

10. Rough
Why yes, thank you - Jules
For some reason this makes me think of a cowboy lol. -Gwyn
The feeling of day old stubble on a man's face. Love it! - Miranda

11. Hot tub
Love them - sat in one with Gavin Sunday. - Jules
Germs. -Gwyn
Coach's sister has one.I want to get in it and do dirty things. Even if they are germy. - Miranda

12. Sex Club
I'm officially on the fence with that topic. I'd try again with a less attached, less possessive partner. - Jules
Don't even know what that means...-Gwyn
I bet there's a sex toy called the Sex Club. - Miranda

13. Lips
 I love a man with good kissable lips - yum! - Jules
I'm drawing a blank on this one. -Gwyn
I like my lips. One of my better features. - Miranda

14. Floor
Told Gavin Sunday after said hot tub incident that my kitchen floor needs to be our next spot. - Jules
A good place to sleep when you're drunk. -Gwyn
HA!  Makes me think about how Coach's mom had a migraine Friday night and told me she slept on the floor with her head under the bed all night. - Miranda

15. Ice
"Not even once"...lol. It's this big anti-meth campaign going on here.  - Jules
Ice Ice Baby. -Gwyn
The scene from 9 1/2 weeks where he has an ice cube in his mouth... - Miranda

16. Naughty or Nice
Naughty - clearly. - Jules
Makes me start singing Christmas carols. -Gwyn
Why be nice when you can be naughty? - Miranda

17. Table top
I'm trying to remember if I've had sex on one before...surely I have, but it's late and I'm tired. - Jules
Yoga. -Gwyn
A place where I eat? These are weird! And making me feel psychotic! - Miranda

18. Back

Owen pressed against mine as he fucks me. Mmmmmm - Jules
Massages. -Gwyn
Back that ass up! - Miranda

19. Ryan Reynolds (yes had to get him in)
Hmmmm....whatever - Jules
Cute but not my cup of tea. -Gwyn
Smoking hot! - Miranda

20. Tattoo
Oh god no, not a fan of needles. I like tasteful ones on my men, but not a lot of them. - Jules
Want another one. -Gwyn
Love!  I have 5 now. Yeah, I'm one tattoo away from being required to own a Harley. - Miranda

21. Boobies

Huge fan of mine, but not others. - Jules
That word makes me think of frat boys. -Gwyn 
Ladybug because this weekend Coach was changing shirts and Ladybug saw him and teased him the rest of the day by saying she saw his boobies. - Miranda

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  1. "Hell no, maraschino cherries are like Spam...they could survive a nuclear holocaust."

    Also, I'm with Miranda - how could you not think Ryan Reynolds looked good in The Proposal?

    Wait, what? Yeah, I'm a guy. Seriously...