Saturday, March 12, 2011


Well after Gavin left last night, I stayed tuned into the news and sure enough Hawaii was under a tsunami warning. About 9:45pm they started sounding the sirens and I freaked out a little bit. I woke Russell up and we packed up our essentials (my essential list includes things like my good jewelry, makeup, and alcohol) and headed for higher ground. I called Gavin to find out what he was doing and he was headed to where his son was, but Russell thought we should head in a different direction. I finally agreed with Russell and it was the right call.

I didn't sleep much (like an hour) in my car last night. I was anxious, Chloe was anxious and just awake too. Russell went to his car and slept pretty damn soundly. When it "hit", I was on the phone with my mom listening to the news since our local radio was reporting stupid crap. Finally we were in the all clear and allowed to come home at 8am. I locked myself (literally) in my bedroom to sleep. We are very, very lucky that we didn't suffer any major damage. There was some flooding and a few houses/businesses/boats damaged, but nothing like we anticipated, thankfully!

Gavin came over around 11:30am and Chloe told him I was sleeping. He tried to come in my room and she stopped him and told him that he better not wake me up. I love that kid. Bless her soul. When I woke, I called him and we traded our tsunami stories. It's so funny how people feel compelled to share where they were when it happened (or didn't as the case has been for our last 2 warnings). Everyone did it last year for months after.

He came over tonight and climbed into my bed. I am still exhausted, but I managed to find the energy to blow him. He's been sooo good this week I don't mind at all throwing him one now and again and we all know I like blowing him anyway. He has a friend here this week that came in tonight. I sent him home to entertain his guest (clearly he's not Southern) and more importantly so I could watch the news and go to sleep.

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