Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Is The End

This is the end…I’m pretty sure.
Well it seems like ole Clark couldn’t handle seeing me with another guy. I told him in the future he may want to be careful of asking for things because he just might get what he asks for and I hoped this was a life lesson for him. We exchanged about an hour and half worth of texts this morning and finally he told me it made him sick to think that he would never be able to please me like that guy did and that because I wasn’t in tune with his feelings that night obviously I didn’t care about him. He ended it saying he just couldn’t do this.
My theory on this is that yes, it was hard for him to watch because he clearly has deeper feelings for me than he wanted to admit to previously BUT I also think he’s taking the easy way out because this is an excuse to end it now and not continue to see me and get even more attached before he moves home. I could be totally off, but I’m usually right on with these things. I called him on it and he denied it. It is what it is and I’ve told Josie and Miranda that this time it’s ok…no tears, no depression like before. I had a great time with him last week and I wouldn’t change that. I came into it with a very different set of expectations (none) this time and therefore I’m not hurt the way I was last fall.
On that note, I really think I need to stick with older men. The young ones are just too stupid and immature. I’m not going to lie, it’s an ego boost being with a guy 10 years younger, but the drama and selfishness and immaturity that come with that ego boost really don’t even it all out in the wash.


  1. I second the older men preference. While Coach certain has his own set of issues, I certainly don't miss the drama of the younger guys. And frankly, I don't want to feel like anyone's mother and I tend to feel that way with younger guys.


  2. I really, really, really hope you are done with Clark. I think he acts like a teenage girl. Manipulative, needy, emotional, hormonal, insane, possessive….need I go on? Regardless of how deep or true his feelings may or may not be for you, I think everything he does is calculated and done with an intent to keep you off kilter and alternately make you worship him and feel less than worthy of him.

    You don’t deserve to be treated that way. You are an amazing, smart, awesome woman! Maybe you needed to do this with him one more time to get him out of your system. Lord knows my situation with FJB was different but it was on the same crazy vein. And I’ll admit I still find myself thinking about seeing if that “stove is still hot” to borrow your phrase but I’m NEVER going to let myself go back there. NEVER!

    We (including you) all knew the swinger thing was going to go bad with Clark. There’s no way he could really enjoy watching you have sex with someone else when he continues to reference all the other guys you are sleeping with. NO WAY PERIOD.

    I think it’s time we’re all done with Mr. Clark. Josie – defriend him immediately! I already have and Gwyn has essentially stopped communication with him. Let’s walk away from this one ladies. Even if it has to be a group effort, let’s excise the demon and get the hell out of crazy town!


  3. Jules - below is a list of your required reading for summer lol..and let me tell you this isn't nearly all of it but there was so much I had to stop somewhere. The general theme of all of these posts is "Clark sucks and is psycho and I will never see him again" and "Gavin is sweet and always seems to do a good job making the changes I ask him to make and I feel happy around him". I'm just sayin....



  4. Whoa. Those are some thorough arguments. Courtroom worthy, even. You guys are like the best friends ever, aren't you?

    I forget now, how old was Clark, anyways?

  5. HA! We're the kind of friends only made by a seriously sick shared sense of humor, a love of being honest, and boy drama. Oh and 20 plus years and 5000 miles.

    I think Clark was/is 25.


  6. I feel the love - thank you guys! I appreciate you backing me up and the summer reading list is the most hilarious thing ever...well played. ;)
    PS Yes, he's 25.