Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why Do I Keep Finding Crazy?

Gavin is back on his push-pull thing. He hasn't done this in a while, but the sex the last few weeks has been intense and that usually sparks it. I also think he's torn with his current intrigue over this new woman. I finally called him yesterday to make sure he wasn't dead or in prison. He wasn't and we had a very lackluster conversation. I'm backing off and letting him work through his shit, per normal Gavin.

His push pull thing pisses me off though only because he's not adult enough to communicate it and I went on PoF to search for his replacement. I found crazy twice in one evening. First off, Clark texted me and asked how PoF was going for me. It seems he found my profile. He has one for NC since he's moving soon (not soon enough). I told him it was going fine and thanked him for telling me about it years ago.

Then another brand of crazy rolled up. I'm actually chatting with several guys from there right now although I can't really commit to meeting any of them. I'm kind of tired and over it right now and Owen has been meeting my sexual needs very nicely as of late. Anyway, I started talking to this guy that lives on Kauai. He does community outreach and I thought (mistakenly) that we would share a lot of the same ideals (and I want to go to Kauai). OMG, the first red flag with this guy was when he mentioned the word "slave". Why do I keep finding crazy ass men that want a fucking slave? I'm an opinionated, strong, independent, bitch. I'm NOT ever going to be someone's "slave"...ever. He moved off that quickly, but it actually got worse. He spent 2 hours (seriously) texting me these political diatribes about our government, conspiracy theories, how he hates welfare moms, etc. I finally just shut down and quit replying. WTF?



  1. Holy hell Jules! Maybe you need to put something in your PoF profile about being anti-slavery. WEIRD!


  2. Between your crazy magnet and my weirdo magnet we could put together quite the interesting man team lol.


  3. Oh holy hell, we'll have to put up a forcefield! LOL