Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quickie to Tide Us (Me) Over

I realized today that I'm not going to get to see Owen for over 3 weeks...gasp! He's going on vacation Thursday and won't be back until the 28th. I probably won't be able to see him until that following weekend with my schedule. Again, gasp! I hate when he's gone. We were texting this morning trying to figure out how to see each other when I decided to shirk all of my responsibilities in life for a quickie.

Chloe was home sick today with her Dad this morning. The plan was for me to go to my internship for half a day and come home so that he could go to work in the afternoon. What I decided was that I needed to leave practicum a half an hour early in order to see Owen for some hot sex before he left. Priorities...lol.

Today was one of those days where it was all about me. It didn't start that way, but time constraints forced it be such. Owen gladly took one for the team. I met him at our favorite spot, although again today there was a lot of traffic. I climbed into his van to him naked and we started kissing. He undressed me, I blew him a little bit, and he asked me how I wanted him. He promptly followed directions and got behind me. I swear to god that man can make me cum in like 5 seconds. He is amazing (just in case I've never mentioned it before). He did me like this for many, many orgasms and then he laid me down. He loves to fuck my tits. I don't know why, but he does soooo much for me sexually that I will indulge this whenever he wants it. He did it for a while, but we were hot and I was soooo wet all over that he was having a hard time cumming. Finally he asked me if I had time for some anal. I said "yes" because honestly I didn't care what time it was at that point and he proceeded to make me cum a few more times. Sadly for him, he realized that it was going to be one of those days where it would take him wayyy longer than we had to cum. Now on a day with no time constraints, I'm all for that. I'll take it as long as he wants to give it, but today I had to leave in order to get home so Russell could leave for work.

I finally had to bail on him and I felt horrible about it. As it was, I got home 5 minutes late. If you know Russell, you know he was practically in the car waiting on me to pull in. I never, ever like to leave my boy hanging, but he took it well and said he needed to go too because he was on his lunch break. On a happy note for me, I know he'll come back from vacation ready for me! Honestly it baffles me how any woman could have that her disposal and not take advantage of it every single freaking day. I don't know how often they have sex, but I know it's infrequently and I know that she doesn't satisfy him when they do.

Which brings up another point, how do you have bad sex??? I've had some awkward sex (even with Owen) where things were just a little off that one day. I've had bad sex with men with small dicks. I've had bad sex because there was no chemistry. I've had bad sex with men (Bob) that had no clue what to do with their dicks, but how are women bad? I mean ultimately as long as you lay there, move against them, and let them cum...how can you fuck it up? I do wayyy more than this, but really I'd love to hear from our male/lesbian readers on how female sex can be bad. When I married Russell, we had better chemistry than we did later on...but why would you marry someone that you're not sexually compatible with? I suppose I should ask Owen these questions, but I don't want to pry.

PS Gavin has taken my direction nicely. He called me today at practicum just to tell me he was thinking about me.


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  2. Bad sex:

    -Blowjobs that are way too sentual and slow. This looks nice on camera and is a nice way to start but I want hand action, ball grabbing, deep throating, wet, slobbery, fast blowjobs that make my toes curl.

    -Even worse, no blowjob at all. Suck that dick bitch!

    -One cum then dry up. Many women cum once and then their pussies dry up. Lube is nice and works but one of the joys of being a woman is that you can cum over and over, you just have to learn how...

    -Issues with positions. Usually because they have some fat on their ass or some other little self conscious thing. (OMG 69...I don't want you staring at my but hole....why...is it dirty? Fucking shower first then.) Ride me...Reverse cowgirl...show me that ass.

    -Porn star sounds....way too fake porn star sounds. I can usually tell the difference between you shouting out in joy and you shouting out because you think that is what I want to hear.

    -Unwarned period sex. I can prepare myself mentally but don't surprise me.

    -Toxic cum...I want to cum on you. Tell me where you want it. When you get it there don't treat it like a toxic spill that needs a HazMat team to clean it up in 30 seconds. It's just cum...no sperm added.

  3. Really? Most women only cum once??? And then they dry up? That would be the worst fate ever!
    Thanks for the feedback on how sex with girls can be bad. Those all sound terrible! I'd never really thought it before.