Thursday, March 3, 2011

Relapse Prevention

I almost had a Clark relapse today. I was weak, but fortunately the girls talked some sense into me and Gavin came by to fuck me this morning.

Owen was supposed to come over this morning. Sadly for me, his son is doing a commercial and they moved the shoot day up a day. If anyone else had given me that excuse, I would have questioned it hard core because it seems a little bogus, but Owen has never lied and he's never bailed unless it was related to his family so I'm buying it. I wasn't happy about it though since I hadn't had in any in quite a few days due to PMS and my subsequent period. And then Clark showed up on Facebook...

I told Miranda I was chatting with him and feeling weak since Owen had cancelled. I was feeling vulnerable and in need and then Gavin called. He must have known I was still at home and asked when I was leaving for work (sometimes I think he stalks me a little). I told him I wasn't going in for an hour or so and he made up some reason why he needed to come by and see me.

He came in and started complaining about not having sex in a while, so I disrobed and commanded him to do the same and to fuck me right then before I had to leave for work. He got right on it and in the midst of it, his phone rings. Normally he will ignore his phone at inopportune times, but he was expecting a call for work so he actually stopped to answer it. It was something regarding his son's sponsorship and so we stopped for him to have a full on chat. Finally he told the guy he had to go and would call him back later and we immediately resumed until he came. I didn't know he'd cum because he was still fucking me and right as I was about to cum again he said "OMG I'm so psyched that my son is going to be sponsored by this company". I collapsed in laughter and told him I hated him for that. We do not discuss our children when we are connected in such a manner...hello. It was funny though and he totally did it just to fuck with me. On a random note, it's officially been a year with Gavin.

Clark and I continued to text and again I almost caved to come over tonight because quite honestly I wanted some more, but it seems I pissed him off when he asked who's the best of my team and I told him Owen is. He's insanely (literally) jealous of Owen and Gavin and then Josie started texting me and knocked some sense back into me. I'm over it again...holding strong for now.

Tonight Owen started texting me telling me how much he missed seeing me today. It heated up quickly when I told him about my new toy purchase and it ended with some dirty pictures being exchanged and him sexting me through 4 orgasms. The last one was so hard my calves cramped. He's amazing even on the freaking phone. I think we're on for a super quickie Friday after work. He's getting off early (pun intended).


  1. "On a random note, it's officially been a year with Gavin."

    Did you think Miranda and I wouldn't notice this sentence if you just slipped it in at the end???? We've talked and we both agree that women don't keep track of time with their men unless they really like them. We're on to you Jules lol we're on to you...


  2. LOL, here's the deal. I typically keep men around for 2 months tops. Then I get bored and move on, always. The fact that he's been around for a year is monumental in that regard but no, I'm not into him that way. I'm back to reality on that one.